The perfect Bay Window Dressing with Wooden Blinds Direct

bay window dressingFor a bay window dressing, the best look can often be achieved by finding the right company to purchase the perfect blind from, and with Summer finally on the way, you’re probably exploring new ways of allowing natural light into your home.

If like us you’re lucky enough to have a bay window, then look no further than Wooden Blinds Direct to help you along the way.

Large bay windows are found throughout the country, none more so than in the classic Victorian home. However, Bays also make a subtle statement in period and contemporary properties too.

The wide range on offer means that you get the best of both worlds, with light choices varying between the different levels of dressing your venetian blind, from half open slates bouncing wonderful shadows around your room with the sun hits the window at different times of day, to a more cosy effect at sunset with the slats almosts closed.

You have to get the design right however. The more natural your furniture, the more neutral the blind should be. For example with wooden floors and leather sofas, it works brilliantly to match the wood blind to your floor, with the furniture and fabric rugs adding a warm contrast.

If you’ve got a bedroom, or office space, this provides a welcome opportunity to go minimalist. For privacy and a luxurious look, you can go for wider slats.

Powder Blue aluminium L ResOne of the key issues many home owners find, is that they don’t quite know how to dress their window spaces. There are so many different types, from bow, to angled or multi-faceted, each has it’s own unique shape.

If you are lucky enough to boast a bay window at the front of your property, remember that first impressions count.

Make the most of it by tailoring your blind to the space, and your room can transform with the seasons.

If you’re in the market for a new window dressing, a custom made blind couldn’t be easier with Wooden Blinds.

Numerous options enable you to select the exact measurement of your blind for some flexibility, or you can choose recess for a hassle free customisation, where you will be sent the blind with just the right amount of space either side to fit the window.

If you have a bay, there are dozens of options. Check out their useful guide to ensure you get just the right look. It could be that your window is L shaped, or curved etc.

If you need any support in designing your bespoke blind you can call their helpful team who will be only too happy to help.

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