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Sony Radio Award nominated audio production company Fourseventy Media have launched a website revealing West Midlands hidden stories.

The Hidden City pinpoints hidden, lost or forgotten stories from within the West Midlands area and presents them to both local, and international audiences in a fresh and creative way.

The team behind The Hidden City want to unravel both personal and community stories through a media which they have perfected – audio slideshows. They feel that audio slideshows communicate with local audiences on a more personal level, inspiring future media moguls, bloggers and exciting third parties willing to get involved with the first community supportive project of its kind.

Stories such as ‘Anything for the Weekend, Sir?’ which explores the 55 year reign of Di Matteo’s – an Italian barbers on Stratford Road that has become acrux for the community and sanctuary for those seeking solace and escape from big city life, if only for a short time.

The Hidden City is an interactive website allowing its audience to explore their local area. Each user is able to highlight a certain area of the West Midlands and learn about the inspiring people and places that reside there. The stories, either told through the medium of podcast or audio slideshow, will lead them on an undiscovered journey to reveal the local and personal history of The Midlands.

Whilst the aim of the project is to share these forgotten stories with the Midlands and the rest of the world, its cultural and social unveiling will firmly secure its proud status as not only home to Britain’s second largest city, but also one of its most culturally diverse.

The Hidden City allows an exploration of unheard and interesting stories that have flown under the mainstream radar and until now would have never been heard before. Whilst mainstream media have, over the years, often overlooked the personal, human-interest stories, The Hidden City finds those disregarded and highlights them on an easy to discover map.

The project has the ability to make audiences feel more integrated through digital interaction, discovering a preserving different cultures through the use of audio interaction, discovering a preserving different cultures through the use of audio slide shows. These never before heard stories invite people into a world of unique storytelling through a media form currently not being used by local media outlets. From extensive research into blogging sites and the local press, The Hidden City can be identified as an original product from others within the local online and offline press. The use of audio slideshows has the ability to further engage its audience through stunning photography that can leave not only a personal, but poignant impression.

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