Teach your kids to cycle, with Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes

_MG_4561-1I still remember the day I learned to ride my bike without stabilisers. It was a hot summers afternoon in the back garden. As I began to pedal I felt a willing push from my father giving me a head start. I pedalled and pedalled and heard him shouting “go on lad” from the patio as I soared in a straight line, all the way to the end of the fence, which I crashed into, happily and triumphantly.

Now, nearly four decades later the tables have turned and it’s my turn. I’m teaching my son to ride with one of the wonderful Frog bikes, customised to height and with a wide range of delightful accessories for boys and girls to fall madly in love with their bike of choice.

The weather is dismal, and nearly every day for months it has rained, so it’s touch and go whether or not we will be able to have a practice on the review bike or not.

Eventually though there’s a dry spell. We set out in the car to the nearest wide open space, Kings Heath park. The wind has dropped and the ground has had a couple of days of winter sun to dry.

One of the first things I notice is the effortless way my son can move the bike to his starting position. Some children’s bikes are bulky and cumbersome, often weighing as much as the child.

This Frog bike however is a different experience, with founders Jerry and Shelly believing the lighter bike is easier for children to learn, and enjoy more as they progress. With a strong aluminium frame, and hand-picked components Frog bikes give children the very best performance without compromising the weight.

Dimitris Katsanis, the renowned bicycle engineer gave the brand a push in the right direction helping them with the design of the bikes’ unique crank system. Not only does the design reduce the space between the pedals, enabling children to push more directly down when cycling, this feat converts more of their energy into motion.

My son found the bike a joy to ride and managed to only fall once, enjoying staring at his feet too much to be looking where he was going.

After a few weeks and several rides, depending on how you think your child is getting along you might want to do some research before taking off the stabilisers.

Frog also sell a range of balance bikes which are another recommended way to learn how to cycle, without pedals! This teaches your young ones how to maintain their balance, and by the time they get this, they can usually transition straight to a pedal bike stabiliser free.

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