Sphero Disney partnership launches Star Wars BB-8 droid as a must have for 2016

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droidPrepare to be wowed, as robotics innovator Sphero and Disney have released a mini version of the Star Wars droid, the BB-8. Allowing children, and adults alike the ability to control and play with their very own model of the new BB-8 from “The Force Awakens”, you really do see an impressive uplift in the tech to your usual RC cars on the market.

It all starts when you take out the stunning packaging from Sphero. Whilst there aren’t many instructions, the device only takes 4 simple steps and the Star Wars branding is visible that die-hard fans will love.

A three hour charge will give you a 1 hour play, but for more information you can watch a host of youtube videos that show you all you need to master your new family member. It works best on flat surfaces like thin carpet, laminate flooring rather than heavy tiles with grout ruts or thicker carpet. It travels up to about 4.5mph too which makes it an absolute joy to control.

A free downloadable app controls the device and the body, about the size of an orange masterfully works in unity with the removable half spherical head.

The droids personality really comes out as you experiment with the different controls and messages that can be recorded as holograms and played while synced to your smartphone.

It’s an excellent gift idea, or collectable for the forever brand fan.

To buy yours visit www.sphero.com


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