Simon Parry on how to achieve the perfect garden


DSC_0056Simon has wowed customers around the UK with his stunning landscapes and ethical garden designs, but what made him decide to become a gardener?

“It all begin when I started labouring for a friend of mine in between travelling. After a couple of months working outdoors I realised how much I loved it and so I went back to college to do a course in Horticulture. Growing up I always felt an affiliation with the outdoors and loved being in the fresh air so it was a natural progression for me to choose a career working with green spaces.

While helping out a friend with his business we landed some big contracts including working as a labourer/landscaper for BBC Gardeners World and as a result it gave me a greater understanding of how to utilise space and how to create the perfect garden. An opportunity soon arose for me to take on some clients permanently that I’d been working for and I had some landscaping commissions lined up so it really just went from there.

When thinking about where to start when planning your garden, the best piece of advice I can offer is to ask that important question:

What do you want to use the garden for? e.g. bbq’s, plants, play area for children etc.

P1000135Think about some of the gardens you’ve seen in films, magazines, when visiting attractions, and before you plan anything start to jot these ideas down on paper. Once you’ve done that, like I say to all my prospective clients, invite me over for a cup of tea and we can flesh out all your ideas and start to design your perfect outdoor space.

Some people ask me if it’s possible to create an amazing result with a small garden.


I would say absolutely yes! With clever designs, and a savvy use of materials you can create some amazing results. I like to get to know my clients personally so that anything I do for them reflects their individual style and personality. Some people love growing their own, so we create bespoke solutions for vegetable and herb gardens in an easy to maintain and attractive space. Other clients have no spare time on their hands due to their busy schedules so they ask for decking or a nice patio area with some easy to maintain pot plants. That’s the beauty of gardens, each one is different and has its own character and charm.

In general we operate one or two big landscaping projects per month. I usually have a team of 3-4 working on a big job to try and get it completed without having impacted on the client for too long and within the estimated time scale.

20130520_144912A part of the business that I am really proud of is my mowing and maintenance service. I have two great girls working for me who now take care of this side of the business, however I still like to oversee this to make sure that my high standards are still upheld even if we are round for ‘just-a-mow’!

I really enjoy us being there, keeping our clients gardens looking lovely throughout the changing seasons and seeing how much it means to them. I’m just a big softie really!

Most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth but I also pick up new clients from the advertising on my van and from my website. We are currently working on one of the toughest gardens I’ve done to date. It is so steep that when you are at the back of the garden (only 15 metres away) you are standing higher than the house. I have a digger driver, 3 builders, 2 landscapers, 3 labourers and myself working on this one.

As the summer months draw closer Simon is in high demand and is already getting booked up. If you would like Simon to help you create the perfect garden or you need regular mowing and maintenance, make sure you give him a call on 07970 126832 or email . You can also check out Simon on Facebook

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