Perfect Black Creates Perfect Colour


LG Electronics (LG) has been leading the way with their range of OLED TVs such as the stunning 55-inch CURVED OLED TV (EC930V), at Currys, Richer Sounds and other leading electrical retailers, from RRP £2,999.

Since introducing the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV, LG has continued to drive the OLED TV market forward by investing heavily in R&D and marketing to build a significant lead over other TV manufacturers. LG’s commitment to OLED TV is already benefiting consumers with lower prices, better technology and the best viewing experience possible.

“It’s clear from Test & Recommendation that OLED is the ‘Ultimate Display’ – and we passionately believe all consumers should have the opportunity to enjoy and see the difference of LG OLED TV.

So, at LG, we are committed to OLED TV to deliver True colours, Wide Angle Viewing and the Perfect Viewing Experience” said Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director – CE at LG Electronics.

lg-oled-tv-EG960-feature-img-detail_Art-ScreenLG’s newest OLED TV boasts a streamlined, sculptured stand and LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design. The slender, stylish TV hasan ultra-slim bezel and a minimal depth that increases ever so slightly towards the centre of the screen. This subtle design incorporates a brushed metal design concept, positioning the EC930V as arguably one of the best looking TV’s on the market. Moreover, the EC930V can be wall-mounted, giving customers the option to display their new TV like a true work of art.

Equipped with LG’s WRGB OLED technology, the EC930V guarantees the ultimate picture quality with infinite contrast ratio fora picture that delivers the deepest blacks possible and colours that appear richer and brighter, yet very much natural. The TV also offers absolute motion clarity via a refresh rate that is significantly faster than that of a standard LED TV delivering a smooth blur free picture. Furthermore, the gently curved display of LG’s picture perfect OLED TV provides fantastic wide angle viewing ensuring that nobody misses out on the stunning picture quality from wherever you sit in your living room.

Users can also experience the difference of LG Smart+ TV, which incorporates the new webOS platform. Aimed at making TV simple again, webOS delivers a unique, simple and fun graphical user interface (GUI) that delivers an uncomplicated and intuitive user experience packed with all of the greatest catch up TV and movie services available including BBC iPlayer, Netflix and NOW TV, simply controlled with the LG Magic Remote. The EC930V also features CINEMA 3D, which utilises LG’s proprietary Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology togenerate convincing 3D images without any distracting flicker or crosstalk. Users can also take advantage of an advanced conversion engine that turns 2D content into captivating 3D entertainment.

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