Mastering The Multi-Gym


NTEVBE1378 w model (1)If you are looking to develop your muscles quickly but don’t have time to visit a gym every day, it is worth looking into purchasing a multi-gym for your house.

Multi-gyms are an efficient and cost-effective way of training your muscles, as these clever pieces of kit allow you to perform a diverse, total body workout using just the one machine.

Working out from the comfort of your own home puts you in control of the time you spend exercising. In gyms there are often queues for equipment, meaning that you can either be waiting to use a piece of equipment or rushing through your workout to allow others their turn. With a multi-gym, you are also no longer subject to your gym’s opening times, as you can perform your exercise routine at a time that suits you and to fit around your own schedule.
Considering buying a multi-gym? Why not try….
The NordicTrack E8200 (£999 from is designed to help you press your way to perfection! The advanced features of this machine not only enable you to target all muscles groups during your workout, but allow you to decide how to train and vary your routines in order to achieve the best results.

The E8200 has:
• Dual pressing options, with both an integrated smith bar and weight crutches for an Olympic free-weight bar
• An adjustable width butterfly station, to allow you to set the width to fit you and ensure an ergonomically correct workout
• A cable cross station with dual high pulleys for back, chest and arm resistance exercises
• A seated low row station to help you isolate your back correctly, for thick and wide muscle development
• Multi-grip pull up handles to ensure effective bodyweight exercises
• A removable multi-position bench with removable curl pad and yoke to correctly isolate and develop your biceps

What’s more, the NordicTrack E8200 is the only multi-gym to arrive with the main unit pre-assembled in the box. It simply folds, clicks and bolts into a complete smith machine in approximately 30 minutes.

NTEVBE1378Work out smart!
Once you’ve bought your multi-gym it’s important that you use it correctly in order to achieve the best results.

Here are NordicTrack’s top five tips for getting the most out of your multi-gym:
1. Warm up before you workout – this prepares your muscles, increases your range of motion and helps prevent injury
2. Choose your weight setting carefully and don’t be too ambitious! Lifting weights that are too heavy can lead to injury
3. Vary your workouts – for example spend one session concentrating on your upper body and the next on your lower body
4. Taking time to learn the proper form for each exercise will increase the effectiveness of your workouts and help prevent injury. Check out online tutorials or ask a personal trainer for advice
5. ALWAYS cool down after working out

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