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In 1970, after years learning his trade as a sock manufacturer, Mario Bresciani decided to embark on his own journey. It was then he took the bold move to open Mario Bresciani S.N.C., in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova, ltaly). At first, he catered solely for Italian men, which meant he exclusively produced high quality over the calf socks.

It was several years later when they began exporting to other countries that a collection of short socks was added to their portfolio. This was a difficult decision for Mario Bresciani who believed that short socks were “only for children”.

Ten years after founding the business, the company changed its name into Calzificio M Bredsciani S.R.L. Even after entering the private label market, Mario kept his premises and continued producing some of the most sought after socks in the world.

In the 90s, Mario’s sons Massimiliano and Fabio joined their father at the company. In 2007, they introduced a women’s sock collection for the first time. Times have changed in recent years. When Bresciani first launched, even throughout the 80s it was still enough just to produce top quality socks in order to prosper. Now, in 2012 things are very different and you need a whole range of tactics and techniques to continue as one of the true legends of sock manufacturing around the world.

With over 40 years experience, Bresciani not only has some of the leading fashion labels using their craftsmanship, they have successfully established their own eponymous brand name. Their socks are sold in more than 500 boutiques all over the world.

Bresciani is now capable of producing socks made of 100% hemp, linen, Egyptian cotton, Merino Wool and Cashmere. They even offer a silk blend and recently added a 50% – 50% cashmere-cotton blend. Only the finest yarns make it through the testing phase. Merino wool comes in a range of qualities and Bresciani is the only sock producer that uses a two ply 140’s Merino Wool yarn from Cariaggi. The thickness of these wool fibers (measured in micron) is similar to cashmere and subsequently, the touch of this wool is very similar to cashmere or silk. The cotton used is mostly a Mako Egyptian cotton two ply 120’s, but they also use Pima cotton for their casual range and Sea Island cotton for others.

Bresciani is very serious about their quality control and highly skilled workmanship. All their socks are hand linked and they use computer operated machines with 84 to 260 needles! These make for a very fine knit that results in an elegant sock with a soft hand. Unlike so many sock manufacturers who only offer socks in shades of grey, charcoal, navy and black, Bresciani has 120 colors in their portfolio. They also make socks in all kinds of patterns like diamond, argyle, stripes, hounds tooth, plaid, polka dot and even conversation pieces like Mona Lisa socks in red or purple.

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