Review: Citroën C4 Grand Picasso

citroenc4granpic.1000x667For those on the SUV trend, why not consider the altogether comfier, roomier Citroën C4 Grand Picasso?

For the perfect family people carrier, its an excellent choice with the ultimate in space saving comfort and convenience.

On the road it boasts an array of bold features to make life easier for today’s busy families. Its new platform has less weight, more power and less thirst coupled with a luxurious design.

The stretched Citroën C4 Grand Picasso is a masterpiece with its glassy body, giving ample room without wasting any space. We were able to fit two car seats and 5 adults with just enough boot space for a family picnic, bottles of water and a large golf umbrella, just in case that British summer rain came.

On a visit to the golf course the back seats folded down created a huge expansive boot space enough for 5 full golf bags. The comfy individual rear seats can recline independently or fold completely flat to create easily usable room. The class-leading boot capacity is a very generous 537 litres, but this grows to 630 litres when you fold the rear seats down.

Our review this week was all about Birmingham and the West Midlands, and what the second city has to offer for those with a week to spare in the holidays. First off we drove from Moseley to Warwick Castle – journey time 35 minutes. The inside is expansive and inviting with a dramatic sweeping panoramic windscreen. This lets the natural light flood in and enhanced the airy sense of space. When we needed to enjoy a little shade, the brightness could be fine tuned with the built-in sliding sunblind.

When you travel as a family, everyone wants their own space and that’s exactly what the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso provides. Elegantly designed, beautifully trimmed and bright, this is a place to relax and enjoy the ride, with innovative, practical details and a place for everything. A happy balance of versatility and premium quality.

001062a14071-ba98-46b9-aThe compact exterior dimensions do not compromise liveability inside the car. The elongated wheelbase offers record-breaking room for every passenger, in particular in terms of knee space. The deep 3D effect creates a futuristic feel, making the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso stand out from the crowd.

An asymmetric dashboard is designed to maximise space on board. It’s structured around two central screens and all the car’s functions are controlled from the user-friendly 7 inch Touch Drive interface.

At the heart of the easy-to-use design approach is the 7 inch Touch Drive Interface. Clear and bright, it gives you instant control of everything from air-conditioning to the audio controls. If you want to get online, it couldn’t be easier to connect to the the Citroën Multicity services, adapted with a 3G network connection to quickly and easily access a multitude of applications using the 7″ touch screen.

Handy driving aids like the reversing camera mean you can relax with your Citroën C4 Picasso. The reversing camera projects images onto the stunning 12 inch panoramic HD display whenever you reverse – so it’s safer and easier to park your car. 360° vision technology uses four cameras, discreetly installed around the car, to produce a bird’s-eye view on the 12 inch HD screen. This gives you an awareness of your surroundings that would otherwise be impossible. You can see a 360° view of the immediate surroundings of your car, beyond your normal field of vision.

The drive was like floating on clouds, with comfy air suspension system offering a smooth ride for the 115bhp diesel. Cornering was centred, but we noticed that the steering was a little less on point around the centre, which made it more tiring on longer motorway journeys. Some helpful driver aids include collision alert, blind spot warning topped off with those 360 degree vision cameras.

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