The Giant Revolt

Giant Revolt

Giant RevoltAfter years of getting stuck in the morning rush hour traffic, I decided it was finally time to invest in a serious alternative for my commute to the office.
Having deliberated with the idea of a cyclocross bike for a few months, I got in touch with Giant who sent me a Revolt to use as a general commuter / working bike.

My route to the city takes me straight along the canal tow paths so whether it’s off road across more rugged terrain, or on the open road, I found the Revolt extremely adaptable to different surfaces, much more than I’d expected.

It has an extremely comfortable stance and compared with racier models such as the TCX cyclocross was surprisingly forgiving. What I loved most about the bike was the way it connects with oneself, becoming an extension of your body as though you were plugging in another set of limbs.

The way the bike takes each movement you make into consideration and enhances your riding style making traditionally challenging manoeuvres completely effortless was impressive.

I first began riding the bike over the Christmas period, and took it up to Lake Windermere for a long weekend. The Revolt is so light weight, that I was able to carry it up a steep bank near to Lake Windermere, skirting the fringes of the woodland, and with the odd rise in elevation on rocky ground, all the way down to the ferry point.
My first glimpse of its true potential happened of its capabilities happened along a steep bridal way as I pelted down the path with a buzz of energy as the tiny scree pebbles sprayed behind me as I shot back down the hill to the lakeside.

After reaching the tarmac, the Revolt became delivered an excellently smooth ride, but picked up pace and demonstrated its standing as a cool and collected road bike.
I also spent a few months exploring the cities many cycle routes off the beaten track, and with more miles of canals than Venice, there’s never a dull moment, where you can’t find a new route to explore, or surface to try.

The Revolt made me very aware of its additional speed, in contrast to a range of other similar bikes, and in terms of hill climbing, it was definitely a welcome improvement from other models too. The semi slick Giant tyres which had been fitted to the Revolt were fine for what I needed, but it is worth pointing out than skinny tyres need to be ridden in a different way to fat ones to maintain momentum, driving towards a straight line focus point rather than meandering in and out of bumps and flats.

Some high quality Avid BB7 disc brakes and Cross Top levers made for a sense of wellbeing where you never felt worried that a steep decline would catch you out or see you flying over the handle bars.

The ride quality of the front fork and rear stays, enhanced by the extended Giant carbon fibre seat post was an absolute joy to ride, especially as I had expected the bike to leave me feeling sore after long rides, not so however.

The revolt is obviously not a replacement for a traditional mountain bike, however for the ease of using it for commuting to work, and the fun of its versatility for off-roading, the Revolt is surely a touch of class.

The Revolt also came with a very impressive and value for money price tag, coming in just shy of £1000. Compared to bikes of the same spec and quality, it is an absolute treasure, and well worthy of an investment.

Aluxx Sl Aluminum – Formed from raw materials in Giant’s own forging facility, this proprietary alloy features 30 percent additional stiffness over traditional 6061-series aluminum, while also reducing overall weight.

Downtube X Defender – Protects the downtube, and the rider, from rocks and debris

Full Length Cable Housing – Protects against grime and grit to ensure optimum performance in even the worst weather conditions.

Disc Brake Tabs – The frame is equipped with disc brake tabs, and it features brake-specific frame construction.

Overdrive – Designed to improve steering performance, the oversized headset bearings and tapered steerer tube work together to boost steering stiffness and precision.

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