Topps Tiles are a ‘cut above’ when it comes to creating an idyllic space

SONY DSCBored with beige? Yes? Well why not try a colour scheme that can transform your space into something truly magical, memorable, and made for all tastes. Stardust tiles are a dazzling quartz and granite floor and wall tile that offer the perfect choice for a bathroom renovation project. Cut to mosaic, square or even 30cm by 60cm landscape sizes these Gulf Stone creations are an interior decorators dream, a Grand Design architect’s great find and are one of the most worthwhile investments you can make when purchasing tiles. The names evokes their sparkling effect, a cosmos of light reflecting of tiny shards of mirror to create a twinkling effect reminiscent of a clear night sky.

Not only are these Stardust tiles attractive, they’re long lasting as the combination of hard quartz and resin make them scratch and stain resistant, so you know you’re investing in an attractive and stylish look for years to come.

SONY DSCWorking with a tired, old space can sometimes be problematic if the fixtures and fittings are hard wired into the fabric of the interior. The awkward plumbing, the several layers of mismatched flooring including lino, square tile lino glued on with some kind of 1970s bitumen, and finally an uneven level of scratched and crumbling quarry tiles which sat on a bed of ash, this Victorian downstairs bathroom had so many hidden problems that only after being  stripped down to the original foundations the true space could be understood.

When planning any project it is crucial that you understand the products you’re working with. And even when you’ve found and understood them, you then need to check that you have the correct building materials to use or install them.

SONY DSCStardust tiles are Quartz and Resin and to get the right bond is only half the equation. When working with stone you have to be careful to avoid any materials which could warp the tiles when under stress from common bathroom elements such as moisture and heat.

For this interior a contrast of grey and white was selected brick overlap laid with the floor and bath splash-back wall grey, and the left and right wall space white. DNA tiler Dean Farmer knows only too well how to maximise the wow factor with any space that boasts tiles such as Stardust. His years of experience mean that no stone, forgive the pun is left unturned, or should we say unfixed – to an incredibly high standard.

As the market leader for tiles, Topps Tiles enormous range of stunning tiles caters for an endless range of possibilities when it comes to kitchen and bathroom makeovers. Topps Tiles has hundreds of branches across the UK with both large consumer and trade customer bases. Topps Tiles is committed to inspiring its teams to deliver excellent customer service, which exceeds customer expectations through engagement with individual customer projects and identifying their specific needs to create the looks they aspire to.

With this in mind, they are delighted to be launching their 2014 Apprenticeship Scheme, offering offering thirty-three apprentice placements across its nationwide network of stores. Laura Morris, Topps Tiles Training and Qualifications Manager, said: “We’re so proud of our apprenticeship scheme. Our staff members are the backbone of Topps Tiles and we’ve enjoyed nurturing some of the best specialists in the business. It’s fantastic to be launching this year’s scheme, which allows us to develop the next generation of Topps Tiles talent and encourage apprentices to build real careers within our growing business.”

SONY DSCTopps Tiles’ website is also a stunning place to visit for inspiration, and sometimes the endless possibilities leave you with impossible decisions but a simple visit to a local branch can help you make up your mind. The staff at Topps Tiles are all extremely knowledgable about the different products and if you’re good at DIY, and the space is relatively straightforward they have lots of guides, tools and practical advice to get you off to a great start. Personally though, watching a professional like Dean Farmer from Birmingham based DNA Tiling I see little point in learning a new skill when you can admire the work of a true craftsman. The result is sure to be significantly better, but less stressful at the same time.

The stardust grey and white tiles contrast beautifully in the bathroom to give a calm and sophisticated finish, worlds apart from that boring white ceramic affect or beige palette so many seem to go for. Dean builds a timber frame around the bath and seamlessly blends the floor and back wall with the design – a stunning feat with tiles of such appeal.

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