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medium_1_kcmcmando_master_class_stainless_steel_mandoline_set_by_kitchen_craftThe art of mastering a mandoline is something that takes time, but when we tried out Kitchen Craft’s stunning master class set, it couldn’t have been easier to get started. As a keen amateur chef, you may be forgiven for never trying a mandoline, because it lends itself to those in the know, chefs, expert caterers and the like – however you need to change your thinking. The mandoline is one of the most precision pieces of kit you’ll get in your kitchen, and it’s a perfect step up from knife skills and a comforting improvement to electronic ‘do everything’ gadgets that really take the craftsmanship out of food preparation. Being able to precision cut fresh fruit and vegetables quickly, safely and to a high standard of finesse is just what you get when using this tool. Made for professionals and keen learners alike, the mandoline is made from hygienic stainless steel giving consistent results every time we used it. You can create your own show stopping garnishes, salads, and even home-made crisps taking your kitchen skillset to the next level. The best thing about the mandoline is the safety guard and the 7 easily interchangeable stainless steel blades. Definitely 10/10.


All over the UK there is a food revolution. From Hugh’s fish fight, to Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night takeaways, to the Hairy Bikers dieting through to the annual Great British Bake Off frenzy and even The Taste with team Nigella. There has never been a better time to stock up on some much needed kitchen necessities and ultimate gadgets and gizmos.

Having a bake off of your own in the office? Why not get some Palm Tree biscuit cutters from Kitchen Craft to add some excitement into your baking.

Or, if there’s a family party and what to keep the kids entertained, how about doing an extra special rabbit jelly?

CMLHSNPAnother of Kitchen Craft’s ultimate finds is a delightful set of salt and pepper pots by Coolmovers that come in bright red. These add the perfect touch to any dining table and give that seaside feel even to the wettest English afternoon. – this particular range is called Lighthouse and is part of Coolmovers could we add that in please?

Kitchen Craft stock over 3,500 products and one of the must have’s for all amateur chefs is a real cook’s blowtorch. This adds real flavour to many different dishes, such as a lasagne, Shepherd pie, and of course, the perfect topping for a classic crème brûlée. A chef’s secret ingredient, the Kitchen Craft refillable blowtorch is ideal for creating the finishing touch to a variety of dishes and desserts such as caramelising sugar toppings on tarte tatin, browning meringues and crisping joints of meat. Featuring a soft grip non-slip body and safety adjustable flame, the blowtorch is extremely safe to use and has a piezo trigger instant ignition, chrome fittings, refillable cylinder for use time and time again and an anti-flare flame that works at all angles.

KCRICECOOKAnd finally, last but certainly not least there is an old Chinese proverb – “Talk doesn’t cook rice”. As we said, it’s an old saying. No longer do you have to slave over a pan of rice for half an hour worrying that you’ve got too little, or too much rice. With Kitchen Craft they have taken all of the stress out of rice cooking and you can even have a choice between fluffy or sticky rice with their fabulous 1.5litre microwave rice cooker. It cleverly combines microwave technology with traditional oriental cooking for quick and easy rice cooking in the microwave. Steam circulation means food is heated evenly whilst maintaining moisture.

For more fascinating and exciting products why not pop in store for a look around in the city centre either at Livstill the Cook Shop, House of Frasier or Beckett’s Farm, Wythall.

Alternatively, check out their products on the website and to find your local stockist by visiting



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