p21736_1 (1)The Dry-soon 3-tier heated tower airer is one of those inventions that Lakeland stock which once you’ve used for a few weeks you wonder how on earth you managed before. Costing less than 5 pence an hour to run, come rain or shine, this best selling airer gets clothes dried faster.

Gone are the days when you have to put things into an expensive tumble dryer, or muffle the heat from your radiators by laying clothes over them, the Dry-soon has all the tiers and folding shelves you need for the perfect finish to your dry washing. It is an extremely versatile contraption, fold out to hang t-shirts, socks and smalls, lay more delicate items flat to avoid stretching,or open only the top tier to hang sheets and big towels without them touching the floor.

The dry-soon is lightweight and easy to move, it can be opened half way for smaller loads and is fantastic for drying duvets with a combined 21 metres of drying space and finally it can hold 15KG of wet washing. So easy two average loads. Another wonderful and rather consequential brownie point the dry-soon gets is that because the washing is being suffocated or press against radiators when drying the extra air the clothes get leave the whole house smelling great. We used to have a damp and mould problem before using the dry-soon but it has now vanished because there is less condensation build up around the walls. The dry soon fits perfectly into even the smallest rooms so you no longer need to take up half the house when doing several loads.

Despite the low energy consumption, the dryer even heats your room gently too which is great in the long cold winters we get these days.

This isn’t the only incredible product Lakeland has at the moment though, on the contrary. With hundreds of gadgets and useful tools and luxury products for around the house, Lakeland are leading the way for comfort living in the modern home.

I first stumbled across Lakeland when I’d got bored of Selfridges in Birmingham centre so went to Solihull with the family one afternoon. The amount of gadgets for innovative cleaning around the house and luxury baking items was astonishing. The buying team at Lakeland, as well as the in-house designers really know style when they see / create it and I ended up spending a good hour rethinking every aspect of our home such as the kitchen, bathroom and office.


Already got your own set of kitchen knives but you haven’t got a block or safe place to store them? Well how about Lakeland’s innovative Stellar Magnetic Knife Rack. Like those seen in catering kitchens, this keeps your knives close to hand when cooking. With an extra-strong magnet to keep them safely and securely held, it’s just what you need to add a touch of master chef to your kitchen in 2014.

Or, if you’re fed up of having to find space to put your latest slow cooker, grater, soup blender, dough mixer, food processor then why not invest in one of the neatest gadgets Lakeland has ever invented, the Lakeland Multichef. With a fantastic array of possibilities here’s a snapshot of what you get for just a few hundred pounds: A processor that grinds, chops and grates; a blender for sauces or smoothies; a mixer for pastry, a beater for batter, it whips cream and kneads dough; it makes soup from scratch; it’s a steamer or a pasta cooker; it can even be used for stir-fries. And thanks to its straightforward control panel and clear LED display, it’s so easy to use!

There’s a simple on/off button then no-nonsense dials to choose one of the 10 processing speeds or turbo, select the cooking temperature from 40°C to 130°C and set the timer up to 60 minutes. It will soon have pride of place on your worktop, and will take up much less space than all the appliances you won’t need any more! Comes with a cooking basket, steam accessory, mixing tool and heat-resistant spatula.

For more fantastic products visit Lakeland at Touchwood shopping centre Solihull or go online to http://www.lakeland.co.uk