Blue Mango Birmingham


Just behind Broad Street next to the canal at Regency Wharf, Blue Mango is one of the city’s undiscovered gems. With one of the friendliest and cosmopolitan teams of any restaurant in Birmingham, they have a certain charm, and welcoming atmosphere that’s difficult to match elsewhere.

First of all we were shown to an excellent window booth where we could look out across the restaurant and still had our own cosy space to relax in the comfort of Blue Mango’s tranquil and stylish surroundings.

The décor in Blue Mango is contemporary, the staff are friendly and seem to know just when to intercept a conversation at the right time.

Our meal began well with poppadoms and chutneys washed down with a cool mojito. Rather than just one variety of poppadom, there was a selection of shapes and sizes; large, small, rolled, and flat, of differing textures and colours. Even the chutneys were a little unusual, – and as they need to be, so tasty that they leave you wanting more.

20131206_195608For starters I went for some bite-sized chicken tikka marinated with cream, cheese, royal cumin and cardamom, delicately grilled on charcoal, served with Kafrial Dip – the Chicken Malai Tikka. This chicken was delightful, very tender and juicy meat that had a gentle warmth and smokiness to it. My partner went for an absolute stunner of a dish – the vegetarian Dosa. The recipe was a complete knock out dish, light, melt in the mouth with a soft and golden filling to warm the cockles. Wafer thin and crispy rice flour crêpes served with spicy potato along with fresh coconut and tomato chutney. This highlights Blue Mango’s typical South Indian style. The Dosa is often eaten at breakfast as well as dinner. It was first noted in the Sangam Literature of Tamil language dating back to the Christian era.

15As the evening progressed we were again, spoilt for choice when it came to our mains. There was a plentiful selection of rice dishes to choose from, as well as a raft of vegetarian options, kebabs, curries, fish dishes – even a kingly lobster presentation, and only breaking into the better half of £20! For food of this high standard that’s excellent value for money.

However, the biggest surprise was the giant portions. My Nihari Lamb was fit for a family of three, let alone one person. The cubed lamb was a mix of incredibly delicately flavoured and tender chunks of meat, with opulent velvety, ginger laced, brown gravy. Fragrant with sunflower seeds, mace, green cardamom and kewra essence this was a dish Blue Mango can be proud of. Coupled with a coconut rice, and a basket of breads I could hardly finish the plate. If anything, I would say that it was a little too big for one portion, but I can’t find a reason why that would be a bad thing.

The breads were again a delight, a mix of naans, Pudina Paranth the texture was moist and fluffy but not overly oily, just to my liking.

Finally, my partner enjoyed some Malai Kofta, Light vegetable and paneer dumplings in a creamy saffron, tomato and cashew nut sauce.

25This was a meal that put Blue Mango firmly on the map, my partner had been so engrossed with devouring every last morsel that she forgot to even offer me a bite. Let’s just say there’s plenty more room in my heart to go back another time for round two.

The meal was so delicious, and the service extremely hospitable that we felt content after the main, and of course rather full up. This left no room for dessert, so perhaps if you’re planning on enjoying a night out at Blue Mango anytime soon, you’ll take our advice and not eat too much during the day before your meal. Blue Mango is a feast of epic proportions, and we can’t wait to go back.

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