Karcher goes above and beyond



When you’re seeking out new and innovative ways to tackle home DIY projects, very often people forget about the most important first job on the list, cleaning down the area of restoration in the first place.

You may have heard of the cleaning company Kärcher but never realised why you’d be missing out if you don’t already own one of their fantastic Kärcher K5 Car pressure washers. And don’t let the name fool you, there are literally dozens of things the Kärcher pressure washer can handle, from patios to garden walls, bicycles to old machinery, the list is endless.

Combining powerful features and maximising on energy efficiency, the K5 Car is well equipped with an innovative water cooled induction motor for enhanced performance and longer life. In addition the Quick Connect hose system eliminates kinking and reduces set up times making it even easier to use.

Our first project was not to clean a car however, far from it. In the makeover property we had recently landscaped the garden but decided to keep the old and adequately laid patio. It was covered in mud though after all the rotavating we had done on the top soil in the garden so was in need of a deep clean. The Kärcher was easy to set up and once we had connected the hose to our outdoor tap, we set the

It was incredible to see the accuracy of the K5 go to work on the patio, removing weeds trapped between the grout joints, dirt from the surface stone bringing the slabs to almost new in no time at all.pressure to minimum (recommended for initial motorisation) and gradually increased the pressure so that there was a powerful and steady stream coming out of the pressure gun.

You don’t have to stop there however, the K5 can be unleashed on all manner of cleaning tasks around the home. Included is a rotating wash brush, detergent and d


The K5 has ample on board storage too, allowing the trigger gun and accessories to be stored tidily and safely with the machine. The plug and clean detergent system makes it simple to use any Kärcher plug & clean detergent and easy to switch between a low pressure detergent application and a high pressure wash jet. All Kärcher K5Pressure washers can work using a harvested water source such as a water butt. Water can either be drawn using a Kärcher suction hose and filter or connected to a water butt tap.etergent foamer as well as vario lance, and even a dirtblaster lance which gave 50% greater cleaning power than our old standard high pressure lance.

The next task was the car, a BMW M5 that usually only goes to a professional valet. This time we were convinced by the exceptional quality of the Kärcher that it would outperform the industrial machines. Speaking later to one of the managers of a local valet company from the “Washing Machine” company he said, “Kärcher’s products are outstanding for the residential customer. With such a fantastic pressure level, there is almost no difference between the K5 and industrial standard pressure washers – the fact is they are going to clean your car to an exceptionally high standard.”

And it did. The first coating of foam covers the whole car in seconds and the innovative attachments easily transform the pressure washer from water, to detergent, to brush and back to water pressure meaning even the wheels get that brand new look and feel. The pack also includes a chamois to get your paintwork sparkling after a good clean. It’s easily transported around the car or house too complete with wheels and a handle for convenience.

Other uses we found included cleaning bicycles, garden machines and tools, patios, garden furniture, mobile homes and even caravans and 4x4s. The pressure washer was so powerful on maximum that it can even remove loose paint on garden walls before a rendering or paint job.

group_farm_2It doesn’t stop there though. Kärcher is serious about its corporate social responsibility and is recognised globally as an ethical company. Earlier this year they supported a close knit farming family in Warwickshire who had begun the expansion of its milking parlour. Kärcher sent a crack team of cleaners to the site to help transform the inside.  This shows how the brand thinks outside the box and have genuine corporate social responsibility at their heart. We were keen to find out more. The Hemming family milks 200 head of cattle in Solihull but lost their father Andrew to a shock heart attack late last year. His three children stepped up to the plate and took over the day-to-day running of the farm and were nominated by their mother to receive a day’s specialist cleaning and a brand new hot water pressure washer to replace their old machine.

They were chosen ahead of 40 other worthy nominations made in British Farmer & Grower and Farming Wales magazines throughout the spring. “In the current milking parlour it takes four-and-a-half hours to milk in the morning and three hours in the afternoon,” said Judith Hemming who was widowed after Andrew’s death. “Once the parlour is extended we can move from milking nine cows either side to 15 either side – we think it will take about two hours off a day. That’s two extra hours that we can be doing other jobs on the farm.”

Dairy_Clean_3A team of 10 cleaners from Kärcher blasted the brickwork inside the milking parlour, the holding pen outside and surrounding yard to lay the foundations for the extension of the milking pit and cubicles which started just days later. The herd of pedigree Montbelliards has expanded in the past six months to sustain the family, but the business growing has also put pressure on the milking facilities. All the metal work for the building is being done by eldest son Tom, 29, who has been working through the night to dig out the pit without holding up the morning and afternoon milking. “Before we lost Andrew, Tom was planning to come home to the farm,” Judith said. “Ed, his younger brother (27), used to look after a lot of sheep and went to New Zealand to shear.

His passion has always been animals and he went to France to look at Montbelliards with Andrew before he died. As Andrew became more involved in FFA and the NFU, Ed took over the herd.” The two boys’ sister, Di, 22, juggles farm work and a university education at Harper Adams. She is busy looking after the 260 followers that have recently calved. “She does one-and-a-half hours here before she goes to work,” Judith continued. “It’s a big family effort and I just thought that when you go into somewhere cleaner and bigger it makes you feel better – that’s why I nominated them for the magazine prize.

I just sat down one night and thought that I had as good a chance as any of winning. “The business is growing because the Montbelliards are getting better. They are a strong cow and they are better to manage than Holsteins in our opinion and we are already selling a lot of the heifers. At last we feel able to grow. We had no chance to clean up as much as we want – that’s what Andrew would have wanted.”







If you would like to purchase your own K5 or any of Kärchers products please visit www.Kärcher.co.uk