The Nutri Juicer™ – with a bigger chute for bigger fruit


JuiceOne of the most surprising things about juicing is how different it is to your conventional liquidizer. Slowly cutting up pieces of fruit and turning on the liquidizer, seeing it clog up almost immediately, taking off the lid,

getting your hands messy as your unblock the blades from pieces of apple or other types of fruit until eventually you have a thick slushy drink which tastes more like a thick soup than a refreshing drink. Juicing is the new, or rather refreshed kid on the healthy drinks block.

With Heston Blummenthals Nutrijuicer by Sage miraculously you get an jaw dropping 70% of the nutrients of the fruit and far less of the calories with all of the pulp collected. The pulp can either be thrown in the bin or used as a fabulous compost which will develop into one of the most effective bases for growing tomatoes, chillis and even as bedding for fruit trees.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a juicer then there are a wide range of things you need to be thinking about before doing so. Heston explains that slow juicers, that claim they are trying to keep the fruit cool, so as not to destroy the nutrients don’t really live up to their bold aspirations.

They keep the fruit in contact with the cutting element for too long which in turn can destroy by heating up many of the nutrients.

The Nutri Juicer is different. It works effortlessly and quickly while keeping the temperature below 2degreesC maximising the level of goodness you can get out of each glass. It’s a perfect juicer coming complete with a 1500

watt commercial grade motor and an extra large whole apple sized stainless steel feed chute for fast juicing and less prep time. The Nutri Juicer is the equivalent of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite or Juice Fountain Duo and is the current incarnation of the much loved Breville JE4.

Even with a shot of something special...There are two options for juicing your fresh fruit including hard fruits or softer fruits. It couldn’t be easier when you first open the juicer. Just wash down all the individual parts and wipe down the main unit with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly and then assemble the juicer as per the instructions. Safety is a really important part of juicing, so make sure you keep those hands and fingers well out of the way when the machine is plugged in.

The first juice that I tried was a mix of apples (coxs’), cucumber and lemon with a small bit of fresh stem ginger thrown in for a bit of a kick. This was a gorgeously smooth and sweet juice that tasted absolutely delicious.

Even fresh juices bought from the supermarket, claiming to contain pure fruit didn’t come close, and the experience of making the juice yourself is definitely more rewarding. The juice is extracted from the fruit into a 1 Litre measuring jug with a lid on which you can keep in the fridge for a couple of days or until the fruits sell by date and the pulp, a whole heap of unnecessary calories is collected seamlessly into the pulp container.

The next juice on the menu was a little bit more daring. After reading about the benefits on metabolism, cholesterol, mood, sleep and energy levels gained from introducing more juice into your diet I decided to go for more extravagant varieties. This included cabbage, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, limes, oranges, olives, carrots all binding together to make a very special potion – a serious detox juice. After 2 hours chilling in the fridge the juice was ready. I thought it would taste horrible but because of how well the juicer works, there were no bits left in the juice leaving a revitalising and stunning detox juice packed with 9 or 10 fresh fruit and vegetables. Both myself and my wife had a glass for breakfast and in the early afternoon.

Having read that it’s very important to still eat a balanced diet and plenty of whole foods I made sure that I still ate plenty of fibre, protein and carbs and was pleasantly surprised with how upbeat I felt all day.

Sage have cracked this epic juicer invention to a T…..I think I might just be hooked.

To buy a Nutri-Juicer go to all good retailers or visit their website

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