Mortimer’s brings delicious delights to Dulverton

IMG_0393Dulverton is a picturesque little town on the edge of Somerset just on the Devon border. It has a wonderful village atmosphere and is particularly favoured by walkers especially as it is situated on the edge of Exmoor. However not only walkers fall in love with Dulverton so if ever you find yourself there in search of breakfast, lunch or high tea, you can do no better than visit the newly renamed restaurant Mortimer’s, previously known as Lewis’s, and conveniently situated in the main street.

Young couple, Robin and Stephanie Mortimer have owned the restaurant for the last 6 years and have very definite ideas on what they like to offer their customers.
They are passionate about providing the very best ethically produced food and wherever possible buy their raw materials from local sources for their homemade produce. They offer homemade breads, cakes, home baked hams, use only free-range eggs and buy local cream and milk.

Their menu is extensive and interesting. Light meals include breakfast, baked potatoes, paninis, salads but also there are some interesting surprises such as Eggs Benedict or Falafels which are very tasty, mildly-spiced chickpea and herb fritters. They make their homemade burgers from Devon-produced ruby red beef and for their main meals Robin and Stephanie have developed an interesting and varied selection with chicken, steak or salmon dishes and for a hearty start to the day a delightful breakfast.

However, the jewel in their crown must surely be their range of Mortimer’s famous rarebits. Made to a secret 18th century recipe, they are the very reason why many people make visiting Dulverton an absolute must if they are in the area. Their range of rarebits includes toppings such as button mushroom and Stilton, or Mature cheddar and Somerset cider to name but two possibilities from the nine choices. Families are welcomed and specially prepared children’s meals are also available.

So, whether you are looking for a meal or just a cup of tea and a slice of delicious homemade cake, you won’t be disappointed by a visit to Mortimer’s. 


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