iTailor lets you design build and customise your tailoring from the comfort of your own home…

iTailor is at the cutting edge of both fashion and technology, revolutionising the way that you can purchase personally tailored, high quality attire from the comfort of your own home.

iTailor has revolutionised the mass custom-made world. It is the brainchild of the brand’s CEO, with the key concept being ‘Affordable Luxury’. They are the world’s leading direct-tailoring factory, with over 45 years of tailoring experience, no middle-man enterprises, and unprecedented combination of in-house information technology and tailoring know-how. This allows the company to produce the best products at the best prices, without compromising on quality, service and production innovation which are their key strengths. Housing over 450 employees, and with one of the highest customer turnover and satisfaction rates in the industry, they continue to push the border of creativity. iTailor has recently launched the world’s only online tailor-made shoes platform, iShoes by iTailor.

iTailor first caught our eye a couple of years ago with their incredible, build your own shirt online shop. This allowed you to view the basic shirt with no added designs, and element by element, make decisions about everything you want to make a completely customised, tailored product you can call your own.

iTailorThe site launches into an easy-to-use online software tool where there are hundreds of possibilities. From the choice of the fabric, to the collar shape, the detail on the pockets, to the cuff. You can select from a breathtaking palette of different shades and colours, choose contrasting colours on the inside or outside of the collar, stitching on the shirt and colour of the buttons.

The world of tailoring is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in England today. Every you go, from Debenhams to other high street retailers, each have their own tailoring services springing up.

iTailor 2iTailor said “It’s all about image. Everyone wants to look and feel great when they go to a wedding, or an important business meeting. We understood that buying a tailored product was complex. It involved making an appointment, going into an environment and having a stranger measure you which not everyone feels comfortable with. We wanted to help more customers, no matter what their budgetary restrictions were to feel like they too could have a tailored shirt or suit. iTailor has allowed us to keep our overheads at a minimum. All of that hard sell and appointment time can go into making a beautiful website where all of the products are tailored to perfection at a reasonable and fair cost. If you go to Savile Row, yes you can spend £1000 plus on a made-to-measure suit. With iTailor we have enough options still to produce clothing which our customers love but at a fraction of the cost. We feel it’s a win win situation for everyone.”

The brand has rapidly progressed since their launch with the new computed animated site, allowing customers to now build anything from a tie, shirt, suit even tailored shoes and outwear.

The Birmingham Gazette decided it was high time to have a go. We believe that one of the hardest purchases to make is an overcoat. So many times there’s just one element which isn’t quite right and you’ll never wear the product again. This could start with the colour, or perhaps the length is too short for a proper winter coat. iTailor was a delight to use. At first we decided to chose the lapel. This was a peak lapel because our favourite suits also match the same style. A Prince of Wales check we have has always needed a coat to match, so who better than iTailor to make it for us.

The Prince of Wales wearing a classic Prince of Wales check jacket - image copyright

The Prince of Wales wearing a classic Prince of Wales check jacket – image copyright

In the beginning, you see a blank canvass coat in its simple form. You are then presented with a range of options which allow you to select the lapel, the buttons, the colour, the length, the pocket choices, even the lining and whether or not you want a monogram with your initials on the inside. Next comes the measuring process. If you just want a personalised look for your garment, you can opt for the small, medium and large options, however if like us you are interested in the alterations tailoring can make to a coat then it couldn’t be easier to get measured yourself. Find someone like your partner or a family member who can take the measurements. iTailors online videos are a breeze to use. All you have to do is hover your mouse over a particular section, for example chest. You see a real person having their chest measured so you can follow the exact steps and area to ensure you get it spot on. Next step is to go through each video clip, watch them take the specific measurement and fill each one in on the order sheet. You’re then ready to check out.

There’s no need for a second appointment, no need to spend time and effort visiting the tailor to collect your product, everything is delivered to you in a very special personalised package. Suits come in their own suit bag, and shirts in a special sealed iTailor package. It could be a more enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. When the overcoat arrived the build quality was second to none. It was an elegant, stylish design with fine details, fully lined in luxurious materials and the fabrics were durable and richly coloured. Next time you’re in the market for a tailored product, look no further than iTailor.

Visit and start designing your own clothing.

iTailor is extremely proud and humbled to be the world’s number 1 online custom-made platform creating revolutionary products befitting the custom-made era.


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