La Cafetiere serve up the perfect cup of tea

La Cafetiere Noveau Classic TeapotWhilst searching for the perfect cup of tea, the Birmingham Gazette has enjoyed a host of the finest after dinner varieties, hotel breakfast brews from the delights of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Edwardian Tea Room to the fine Chinese Quarter restaurant Chung Ying and their loose leaf blend.

Not convinced that any one restaurant can provide the perfect adjustment required to ones palette, The Birmingham Gazette decided it was high time, for high tea, made by yours truly.

This quest for perfection was a surprisingly fast journey to discovery. La Cafetière teamed up with iconic British designer Nick Munro to create a delightful retro spectacular, the Nouveau Classic Teapot.

Easy to use the Nouveau Classic needed some special tea to ensure we got the most from it. What could be better than a Whittard of Chelsea and their Gold Award winning afternoon blend.  This delightfully aromatic China tea blend is an old House favourite, flavoured with jasmine and bergamot, perfect for relaxing in the afternoon. Best brewed light and drunk without milk, although you can brew a little stronger and add milk if you wish.

To begin simply take the required amount of tea and place with a spoon in the filter chamber. This a new addition, the brewstop filter basket is sleek in design and allows the hot water to infuse with the tea without letting anything escape in the main pot. The polished Chrome and retro design are an eye catching feature when serving too. More sleek than a chunky traditional teapot the Nouveau puts tea drinking back on the map as classic and uplifting way to spend an afternoon with friends. Capacity – 660ml. Price £39.95

It doesn’t stop there though. La Cafetière have an awe inspiring range of products to choose from.

La Cafetiere Chrome Classic (1)La Cafetière was the first brand of French-press coffee makers to be sold in the UK. The Classic Chrome Cafetière, which has been voted a ‘Design Icon’ by the housewares industry, was first launched over 30 years ago and remains a best seller to this day.  The name ‘La Cafetière’ actually appears in the Oxford English Dictionary as the generic term for French-press or ‘plunge-filter’ coffee makers! Price start from £29.95

And coffee was just the start; La Cafetière now offers an unrivalled range of tea and chocolate related products including hot chocolate pots, teapots, diffusers, tableware, gift sets, accessories. The brand is the definitive destination for anyone looking for the very best in hot beverages.

For those that like a chic caffeine kick, La Cafetière’s brand new Classic Espresso collection possesses bags of style and substance. With more than a dash of Italian flair, these elegant stove-top espresso makers both look great and create deliciously rich coffee every time. Cast in durable aluminium and featuring a soft touch ergonomic handle, they are suitable for use on gas, electric and radiant heat sources. Perfect for any discerning coffee connoisseur, they are available in 3 sizes (3, 6 and 9 cup) and 3 different colour-ways (Polished, Red and Black).Price start from £19.95

The very sweetest of treats, La Cafetière’s Coco is a stove-top chocolate pot that creates the most deliciously decadent drinks. Supremely indulgent and yet effortless to use – simply combine warm milk with your favourite chocolate powder, flakes or buttons and blend with the integrated frother to create a little taste of luxury. Or for those that like it cool, Coco can also be used to create delectably creamy milkshakes.

La Cafetiere Coco Chocolate Pot (1)With a sleek Aluminium body and soft-touch handle, Coco looks as great as the drinks it creates. It is also suitable for use on all stove types, excluding induction, and can go straight from hob to table thanks to a silicone protective mat.

Available in polished silver, red or cream, the brand new Coco chocolate pot is the perfect present for chic chocoholics. Prices start from £45.00

From the art deco flair of Bialetti in northern Italy and the Zen perfection of the Japanese tea house to leading home-grown designers such as Nick Munro and Alison Appleton on the UK scene, La Cafetière works with the best in the world to make every hot drink a satisfying and stylish experience every time.

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