Fiesta Del Asado – 229 Hagley Road, Birmingham 0121 455 9331

BarWhen we arrive at Fiesta, we notice people laughing and in deep conversation through the window. The grand entrance looks inviting from outside so we’re excited to be visiting the sister restaurant of Lasan.

Far away from the well established award-winning contemporary Indian cuisine of Lasan however, this is a journey into the heart of Argentina, a South American exploration which leaves nothing to be desired.

Fiesta Del Asado


As soon as we arrive there are a host of friendly waiters waiting to greet us, we are taken to the bar and introduced to the manager. Over a glass of Argentinean red wine we discuss the restaurant, looking back over nearly a century to reflect on the intimate interior decor. The stone and wood finishes mix well with a hot blend of colours from crimson to sea green and terracota there are other key design features which lend themselves towards the old speakeasies which were secret drinking dens during prohibition.

Asado 2At Fiesta Del Asado, you get an immediate sense of timelessness. That you could be stepping back in time, or perhaps into the future, of a magical world where feasting, the sense of occasion, and of cheer, is paramount. The staff are a warm and friendly cosmopolitan mix of nationalities from Spanish to Indian, English to Lithuanian. That feeling of everyone is welcome comes across right from the word go.

The art of a perfect meal doesn’t begin with the venue though, that certainly helps, and it doesn’t centre around the attentive staff who are only to happy to meet your every need, no it goes a lot further than that.
From a menu which dates back over time to give the true authenticity of Argentine cuisine through to the delightful stories about the origins of the food, Fiesta Del Asado has a sense of understanding which denotes quality ingredients and meats, and a superb grasp of how to celebrate and entertain.

With this in mind we revel and excite at the stunning dishes reflecting the strength and true grit of the old Grauchos, the original herdsmen and cowboys of the Argentines. These were tough men who loved their meat, and like to share food and good times together.

FishThe wonderful open kitchen at Fiesta is a great open door to watching your food being prepared by some of the cities top chefs.

Led by the inspirational vision of Chef Director Aktar Islam from Lasan.

Understanding good food takes time, and this is a man who has transformed cuisines to win numerous awards over the last decade in the 2nd City and afar.

The restaurant is partitioned into various sections to give you that intimate dining experience while remaining open plan so you can look across to the expansive sections of the space.

NiceThe interiors glow with candle light and the bar looks like a rich barons secret cellar during times of prohibition.

Asado is a broad Spanish term not only for a range of barbecue techniques, but also describes the social event of having or attending a barbecue; food is placed on grills and lowered over the embers of special applewood chips where it acquires its distinct smoked taste by absorbing the aromas and sealing in the flavours…

Asado dishes are typically no-nonsense, rustic and honest, yet colourful and fiery – you could say the culinary equivalent of the Argentine Tango!Entertaining family and friends at mealtimes is essentially how Asado dining culture emerged in Argentina and, the life-affirming feelings of togetherness it creates is why it has become so popular around the world.

Its rich cuisine benefits from many influences; mainly the diverse immigrant nationalities that have helped it shape and evolve throughout its colourful and, often chequered history.

PudWith this in mind, we find it easy to make our selections. From the buttery and delectable Gambas al ajillo Tiger prawns tossed in sobrasado, chilli and garlic to the crispy squid starters, so utterly moorish and which melted in the mouth to our more substantial fillet of beef on the bone and stunning grilled sea bass the food was shire heaven.

The beef fell off the bone and was cooked with a sweet selection of cheesy flatbreads, parsley and garlic fries and delicately prepared dipping sauces the meal was fit for a king.

Fiesta Del Asado is a relaxing and leisurely place to dine. We didn’t feel rushed, far from it. The staff are busy in this buzzing and bustling melting pot of foodie nirvana.

After our desserts of Churros and ice cream and a cinnamon and apple pastry, we revelled at the idea of our next visit, highly charged by a wonderful meal and excited by the possibility of trying out the 33 oz rib-eye steak or the parrillada mixtra.

So, if you feel like celebrating for no particular reason, or getting a large group of your favourite people together in the same room then I could more highly recommend this little jewel in the crown on 229 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 9RP. For a reservation call 0121 455 9331 and to visit their website go to