111 SKIN – a space age future for skincare

111skin111 SKIN is a new generation of anti-ageing skincare founded and developed by American board certified plastic surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides. His vision for the skincare range began through an infinite commitment to his Harley Street patients in offering the very best healing and anti-ageing treatments available, following both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Dr Alexandrides knew there were limits to what surgery could achieve – even through his treatments. Surgery can lift, enhance, reshape and correct, but it cannot revive skin to be more youthful or radient in appearance, or protect against environmental damage.

Ith 20 years’ experience specialising in craniofacial surgery ad facial rejuvenation and years of extensive research, Dr Alexandrides hit on a solution hinging on a secret formula developed alongside Russian space scientists. This was 111 SKIN (named after the clinic address at 111 Harley Street), a skincare range that promoted youthful, radiant appearance, and protected against environmental damage.

The 111 Skin range consists of eight skincare products. Each product contains a patented formula NAC  Y² (a combination of NAC, Vitamin C and Escin) which increases Glutathione – the most vital antioxidant in our cells that maintains youthful skin. NAC and Vitamin C are essential for stimulating Glutathione which decreases during the bodies ageing process. Escin is a potent antioxidant which increases blood circulation, promoting stronger collagen production and helps transport NAC and Vitamin C directly to the cells. Together, these ingredients detoxify, hydrate and regenerate skin cells, working from within to strengthen the skin and fight damage.

8-piece-range1From the very beginning the product was designed to stand up to extreme conditions – to protect against environmental damage at high altitude, varying temperatures and the polluted urban setting. Key 111 SKIN ingredients were used by astronauts in extreme space conditions where accelerated ageing is known to occur. The first cream from the range Space Science was developed in 2008 to help patients heal after surgery. In addition to the dramatic healing results, the creams also had potent anti-ageing and protecting benefits. So the vision was much greater – 111 SKIN could offer a completely new approach to defying age for all – men and women.

In June 2012, Dr Alexandrides, together with his wife Eva launched 111 SKIN exclusively into world-renowned retailer, Harrods. The 111 SKIN range is available at, Harrods Beauty Apothercary, Harrods Gentleman’s Lounge www.harrods.com and also, www.111SKIN.com