BassBuds taking the UK by storm with signature Swarovski® Crystal elements


Start up company BassBuds is taking the UK by storm, with their signature Swarovski® Crystal elements. Going on a 2 day tour across Birmingham, the brand will be seeking out music lovers and offering giveaways, prizes and of course BassBuds to people in the 2nd City.

Listening to your favourite music is a serious business when on the move, and the right investment is needed to ensure you get the right quality of sound and statement look you can feel comfortable wearing.

When we opened our box of BassBuds we were particularly interested in the well designed packaging, not the normal flimsy plastic wrapped and sealed but a smartly presented gift box and elegant logo.

When opening the box you immediately notice your individually selected look and feel to your BassBuds. From a huge palette of contemporary colours I had gone for the stunning Obsession style.

The headphones come complete with a range of accessories including a soft fabric storage bag, black silicone buds, clear silicone buds, memory foam buds to give you that personal touch you rarely find investing in other headphones. You may get one of the former, rarely the combination, but BassBuds seems to look after its customers more. As it says on the tin, BassBuds ‘fuses the relationship between style and sound’. So on to the important part, (for me anyway), the sound!


To start with many speakers don’t begin to work properly unless turned up to a high volume, so naturally the song, or track DSC_0003you’re listening to has many layers which are crucial for the best listening experience. With BassBuds you don’t have to worry about this however, the advanced crystaltronics sound technology will take all audio enjoyment to the next level. Using HD audio this really is the best Virtual Surround Sound Technology you can achieve. The Gold plated audio jack also helps provide optimum connectivity and sound quality.  While sipping my coffee I started to play Sound of Blue by Miles Davis was impressed by the depth of the sound quality, and richness of the bass. I could even feel the vibrato of the trumpet mute being used in the second phrase.

If you get a call coming through the BassBuds have a neat integrated high-quality Microphone with Call/MP3 controller that you can use with any smart phone. This comes with an easy to follow pocket guide which also
allows you to answer/end call, play/pause a track, go to previous or next track. To finish the headphones with a unique and trademark stamp comes the very stunning and recognisable
Swarovski® Element on the outer ear piece.

These are a fantastic purchase and in so many different colours and styles there’s a pair for everyone out there.

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