Mathmos, the inventors of the lava lamp, celebrate 50th birthday

mathmos_bike_lights_colourMathmos, the inventors of the lava lamp, are celebrating their 50th birthday this year, 2013. As part of their celebrations Mathmos have reappraised their classic “Astro” lava lamp designed in 1963 and recently launched two new ranges “Pop” and “Heritage” at Home at the NEC a few weeks ago.

Mathmos Bike Wheel Lights easily screw directly on to your bike wheel valves and create circles of light when you cycle. The lights use high quality LEDs with light/motion sensors which mean that they will only come on at night when you’re on the move.

They are great fun lights but also aid visibility and therefore safety. They should only be used in conjunction with standard bicycle lights and not just on their own.

Mathmos Pop Astro is a range of vibrant colors inspired by 1960s Pop Design of which the Mathmos Astro is a classic example. Heritage has a more vintage feel in celebration of Mathmos’ long history. Mathmos lava lamps have been handmade in Britain since 1963. The aluminum bases are spun in the Devon countryside, bottles are manufactured in Yorkshire and every Mathmos lava lamp is hand filled in Poole, Dorset with the unique formulation perfected by the inventor of lava lamps Edward Craven Walker.

mathmos_astrobaby_lava_lamp_chrome_bgMathmos lava lamps appeared in cult 1960s TV such as The Prisoner and Dr. Who and became a symbol of Pop Britain in the 1960s and early 1970s. Their popularity dipped in the 1980s only to return even more strongly in the 1990s when well over a million were sold. Today Mathmos original lava lamps are a cult design classic and one of the very few products to have remained in continuous British production for nearly 50 years.

Mathmos lava lamps are available direct at Mathmos’ international web shops; and selected Retailers. Mathmos “Pop” and “Heritage” ranges will be available in the spring priced at £65.



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