Samsung Techwin launch their new wireless baby monitors

SEW-3036WSamsung Techwin, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, is pleased to announce the addition of two brand new wireless baby monitors to its growing range of home security products -
models SEW-3036W and SEW-3037W.

The sleekly designed SEW-3036W and SEW-3037W both consist of a super bright, colour VGA resolution (640 x 480), 3.5 inch wireless LCD video monitor and a separate compact portable wireless camera. The lightweight pocket-sized monitor is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and comes with a belt clip for hands free carrying – allowing parents to move around the home or garden without missing a gurgle or a hiccup from their baby.

The new models are each capable of supporting up to four cameras, all of which can be viewed on the LCD video monitor. You can purchase additional cameras, for the SEW-3036 users require the SEB1019 camera and SEW-3037 users require SEP-1001. This gives users the option of setting up one camera in the playroom or living room and another in the bedroom, making the SEW-3036W and SEW-3037W not only perfect for families with more than one child but also extremely useful throughout childhood, long after traditional baby monitors are dispensed with. The new models can even be expanded into a high-end home security solution if needed.

As expected from a global leader in wireless security, parents are assured of secure and interference free audio/video of their baby. Unlike some other devices, Samsung’s pure digital signal means the SEW-3037W and SEW-3036W baby monitors will function uninterrupted by wireless routers, microwaves, or cordless phones. Furthermore, they have a range of up to 900ft* (SEW-3037W) and 800ft* (SEW-3036W)* (the type of building may affect the range). Both models also feature a ‘Quiet Mode’ which cuts out the background noise and static normally associated with baby monitors, so even the faintest sounds can be heard clearly.

Integrated ‘Night Vision’ infra-red light sensors automatically switch between a detailed colour image during the day and high contrast black and white images at night, without the need for extra lighting, making it easy for parents to check on their baby around the clock without disturbing them.

In addition to the night vision capability, both new models have a remote activated night light on the camera so parents can easily see if baby’s eyes are open or closed, even in complete darkness.

The SEW-3037W model also offers a 2x Digital Zoom/Pan/Tilt feature allowing users to zoom in on the image of their baby and pan the camera left or right, simply using a button on the monitor. This gives parents extra
flexibility when setting up the camera as well as enabling a clear view even if their baby moves around the cot.

Both the SEW-3036W and SEW-3037W feature two-way audio between the video monitor and camera so parents can not only hear their baby’s sounds but can also talk to and comfort their baby if he or she starts crying.

Another useful feature is ‘Sleep Mode’ where the monitor’s screen remains off, extending the battery life. As soon as the baby cries or makes noise, the monitor automatically turns on and parents can see and hear their baby on the screen.

Commenting on the new wireless baby monitors, Dominic Jones, Marketing Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe says: “The SEW-3037W and SEW-3036W baby monitors are a welcome addition to our successful and growing range of baby monitors. Samsung’s expertise in wireless communication allows us to offer
our customers a wide choice of competitively priced, yet feature-rich baby monitors so they can be sure of finding the best baby monitor to suit their requirements.”

The Samsung SEW-3037W and SEW-3036W wireless baby monitoring systems have an RRP of £145, SEW-3036W and RRP £159, SEW-3037W. Additional cameras are also available to purchase, for the SEW-3036 users require the SEB1019 RRP £85.00 and SEW-3037 users require SEP-1001 RRP £105.

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