The best drink ever – Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Image of Jim and Suzie Cregan of Jimmy's Iced Coffee, doing the 'Mobot' dance

The Birmingham Gazette set out on an epic Tin Tin style adventure. To find the most luscious drink on the planet, and we think we may have just found it.

Jimmy’s is a range of awesome ready-to-drink Iced Coffee. Jim Cregan found epic Iced Coffee on a trip to Oz and returned home incredibly thirsty.

With the awesome help from his sister Sooz, they have built a brilliant brand and an incredibly tasty product which you can find in over 400 stores across the country. Their aim is to be the best Iced Coffee company in the solar system and have great fun whilst doing so.

Birmingham Gazette: You started at a time when the economy was struggling. That takes courage. What tips would you give to businesses starting up now?

Jimmy/Suzie: Now is always the right time to set up a business. The world keeps on spinning and people need to eat, drink, play, fix their cars, buy new clothes, pay for stuff and if you can be part of that mix, then you’re in.

Birmingham Gazette: When you started out your idea was iced coffee, but you are developing a fantastic brand besides simply being a drinks company. Should other businesses follow that lead?

Jimmy/Suzie: Firstly, thanks for that compliment! You’re right in a way. People find the brand really engaging and fun and that’s what we’re about. To sum it up, someone recently said that if you took ‘Jimmy’ away from Iced Coffee, it would just be Iced Coffee, and no one likes Iced Coffee. I found that quote hilarious. Brands can be awesome and it’s a great way of gaining real fans of your products.

Birmingham Gazette: Being different is shown through your social media channels, epic website and your videos. Where do these ideas come from?

Jimmy/Suzie: They come from my brain and they tend to happen rather spontaneously, depending on my mood, the weather or something random.

Birmingham Gazette: How important is it to have fun with business?

Jimmy/Suzie: Imperative! There are days when it’s proper manic and we’ve been yelling at each other, but most of the time we look after one another, be really good at communication and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Positivity rubs off onto other people too.

Birmingham Gazette: How difficult is it maintaining your relationship as brother and sister first and foremost?

Jimmy/Suzie: It was hard at the beginning as we had never properly worked together before and we were learning each others strengths and weaknesses and which buttons NEVER to press. We know that whatever happens, it’s all for the business, so we just get on with it, which is GREAT.

Birmingham Gazette: What big things are you looking forward to over the next year or so?

Jimmy/Suzie: New cartons, new people, new distribution, big fun marketing projects and a new addition to my personal family. WIN.

Birmingham Gazette: As you have grown do you now think more long-term?

Jimmy/Suzie: All the time, the business plan changes and the more ‘higher up’ people you meet, the more kind of serious you need to think about the future.

Birmingham Gazette: Where is Iced Coffee traditionally from and why is it working so well in the UK market?

Jimmy/Suzie: Good question. I’m going to make this bit up. Iced Coffee is traditionally from The Outer Hebrides. Why is it working so well in the UK market? Well, it’s part of the coffee category which is ‘rather’ large and it has properties of an energy drink. Bridge that gap and you have a fairly large opportunity.
Birmingham Gazette: If a global operator offered serious investment, what 3 things would you want to retain?

Jimmy/Suzie: To be Rad, Random and Ridiculous.

Birmingham Gazette: What is your favourite coffee flavour?

Jimmy/Suzie: Coffee. Straight up. You cannot deny the ORIGINAL. We’ve tried a banoffee and it’s pretty insane too.

Birmingham Gazette: Is the best part of your job the tasting?

Jimmy/Suzie: No, the best parts are carving your own path, meeting people and learning new stuff.

Birmingham Gazette: Where can we find Jimmy’s?

Jimmy/Suzie: Everywhere in 2015. Otherwise, Waitrose, Budgens, Independents, Ocado, Welcome Break, some Compass catering sites and a new one which we can’t announce yet! YES!

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