Text without Looking? It’s possible, with Fleksy…

fleksyWhen you want to type faster on the move it can often be frustrating when your text comes out with complete nonsense and your auto-corrects fail miserably.  Although the misspellings can often be amusing to the recipient, this hands down is the worst thing about the modern texting experience.

Fleksy, an alternative keyboard for tablet and mobile devices promises accuracy so that even those who are blind can use it. The autocorrect system works so that its users can type even while not looking at the phone. The software even takes it a step further – you can type without the touchscreen keyboard.

Using the QWERTY layout, users tap on the screen and the text prediction software detects the word you wanted to enter even if you missed every key. Swiping gestures replace function keys such as delete or the spacebar  since the keyboard consists only of letters.

The brains behind the keyboard who debuted an even newer version of the technology at CES 2013 are Greek start up Syntellia. Within just a few hours of its beta version announcement, more than 5,000 people registered to receive the app. Fleksy was also named a finalist in the South by South West’s Interactive Accelerator competition.

Greek, Ioannis Verdelis, Syntellia’s founder, explains the keyboard was born out of company members’ own frustrations with autocorrect. The technology started out as an application for the visually impaired, and has a feature that speaks words back to you. Watch the video, below, to see how it works.

Other apps like Android’s SwiftKey and iPhone’s VoiceOver mode speed up touchscreen typing, but Verdelis says Fleksy’s users can type as quickly as they do on a laptop. Instead of asking users to learn something new, the “flexible system” adjusts to familiar habits.

Currently its creators are working on additions to the keyboard application, including integration with other apps. It’s available as a stand-alone app on iOS and in beta version for Android as a system-wide keyboard.