Chameleon – the changing face of social media in Birmingham

TBG: What are the opportunities for Birmingham businesses in the current climate?

Chameleon: Birmingham is a fantastic centre to operate from. Its geographical location means that it is relatively easy to go and visit clients around the country from the central base, or indeed ask them to come to you.

Birmingham is also a very diverse city, both in terms of culture and what it has to offer businesses. It is this diversity which adds excitement to each and every business proposal, particularly in the world of SEO, as you never know what sector you will get to work in next!

TBG: What is social media and why do all Birmingham businesses need to get to grips with it if they want to be successful?

Chameleon: Social media is one of the biggest Internet phenomena’s of the past few years. It includes those sites we all know and love such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It is basically any site which allows us to connect to others in a personal or professional manner.

Love or hate social media, it is important that businesses jump on this bandwagon. This is for many reasons, the main few being:

• To create new leads – adding new contacts and speaking to others from your sector or others attracts new business leads, thus increasing your sales.

• Competitors – your competitors will be using these popular sites, do not fall behind them

• Advertising – They are fantastic FREE advertising platforms for your products and/or services. And, because your contacts will be people that follow your business, this marketing can be targeted meaning that it will convert into a high percentage of sales.

TBG: Who are Chameleon and what kind of projects do you work on?

Chameleon: We are a web services company, offering everything from website design to Internet marketing. We are SEO specialists, and believe strongly in only practising ethical SEO methods. We have a very varied client base, covering all sectors. Examples of our clients include Unison Integrated Technologies (a CCTV company) and Robert Fox (a celebrity magician).

Our projects are also varied and completely tailored to the needs of our clients. We have some who we have designed their website and complete ongoing maintenance and SEO for, and others who simply use our SEO or PPC management services. Everything we offer is bespoke and we go out of our way to ensure that our clients are pleased with the service they receive; this is how we have maintained a loyal customer base.

TBG: Why is Birmingham a great digital city of the future?

Chameleon: Birmingham has always been a city which adapts to the changing needs of the economy and is a centre of commerce for the whole country. As the world begins to rely on the Internet and digital media more and more, Birmingham has the resources and resilience to adapt to this change and take it in its stride.

TBG: What is one thing you hate about Birmingham and why?

Chameleon: People’s misconception that Brummies’ are thick due to our accent!

TBG: What’s your favourite three Birmingham venues?

Chameleon: Glee Club. Chameleon Bar. Mailbox.

TBG: Who are Birmingham’s pioneers?

Chameleon: The most notable Birmingham pioneer has to be Joseph Chamberlain. His reforms and campaign of social improvement for Birmingham helped shape the city into what it is today. His philanthropic attitude, even donating his own money to help fund improvement schemes, is to be admired. Also, the fact that he became a politician without going to university should be an inspiration to everyone that you do not need the best education, just the correct attitude and work ethic, to achieve.

The Cadbury Family are also some of the most famous and most admirable people to come out of Birmingham. Their creation of a multi-national business from a small shop is no mean feat in terms of business! Their attitude to the workforce and resulting creation of Bournville with its green areas and nice housing is to be commended. The area is still governed by the Bournville Village Trust to protect its green status which is a tribute to the efforts of the family.

And of course…Chameleon Web Services! Our motto is ‘Big enough to cope, small enough to care’ and that is why all of our clients see the desired results, but also feel valued and able to approach us with any issues that they may have. We have gone from strength to strength and will continue to grow in 2013. We have some very exciting contracts coming up soon so watch this space!

TBG: Tell us something interesting that you’re working on at the moment.

Chameleon: We have a close relationship with celebrity magician Robert Fox and working with him and his website is always interesting! His portfolio of celebrity clients, including being the entertainment for the Xfactor wrap parties, means that he has always got a story to tell and website updates are always varied and exciting.

TBG: If you could recommend one book to all web developers / marketers what would it be and why?

Chameleon: Steve Jobs – Biography. Because it shows the passion required to succeed and triumph within business. Apple is one of the leading marketing companies in the world and this book gives an insight into the workings of this company which is invaluable to any marketer.

Finally, if you want to get in touch with the brilliant Chameleon simply visit their website