The Little Green Sheep provide a natural way to help your baby get a good night’s sleep

Back in 2006, Mark Nicholls and Paul Maurice conducted market research into the hundreds of baby brands available to parents. What was revealing was the lack of information available for products, and how so many of them were disconnected from their customers.
Mark and Paul quickly learnt that most parents and parents-to-be wanted products that were above all safe, and that didn’t contain harsh chemicals.Logic pointed them along a very interesting journey where they began to create a series of products which were 100% chemical free and also manufactured in Britain; and so The Little Green Sheep was born!In the early days The Little Green Sheep created mattresses and bedding, but over time, after building a strong reputation from exhibiting their products at venues such as The Baby Show, their range soon expanded into Moses Baskets and Sleepwear.

For the entrepreneurs, the challenge was to get parents to question where the products they bought came from, the processes involved in manufacturing and most importantly, what went into the product they bought for their baby. All of this has cemented The Little Green Sheep’s reputation as one of the most ethical baby brands on the market.

It’s good timing for The Little Green Sheep company too. Like anything it takes time for trends to get started, such as the organic food trend of recent years seeing brands such as Innocent reach international acclaim with similar ethics about customer engagement and using the finest ingredients in their drinks. For the Little Green Sheep, they see the future as very bright with the potential for a boom in organic baby products, especially cot mattresses, just around the corner.

The entrepreneurs now boast an inspiring complete bedding range for anything from cots, to baby toiletries. Their Baby Mattresses include the Twist™ natural latex mattress, which has two levels of firmness – a firm side for babies and a softer side for playful toddlers.

They are also the UK’s first and only manufacturer of Soil Association certified Organic Wool mattresses, which are ideal for babies with skin allergies such as eczema due to the anti-dust mite and breathable elements of wool. You can even get your very own Moses Basket mattress custom made to fit your basket – an excellent option for people wishing to replace a gifted basket or discontinued model size.

For more information or to purchase any of their stunning products call, 0800 028 1433 or logon to

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