Werewolf attack reported in the Midlands…help needed urgently

If you’ve ever wondered just what it’s like to find yourself tearing through a pitch black forest with similarly terrified friends in pursuit of arguably the most chilling beast of them all; a werewolf, then wonder no longer. The very stuff of horror films could become your own living nightmare through a brand new experience brought to you by event agency Chillisauce.co.uk with their overnight Werewolf Hunt in Droitwich, Worcestershire from GBP149 per person.

This potentially life-changing night requires a minimum group size of 8 people, arriving for 8pm and then continuing until dawn. Hunters will be prepared with safety training, kitted out with werewolf repellent clothing, undergo a crash course in basic military training and receive a briefing on weapons training. Before the hunters begin, they will set up preventative trip wires and explosive booby traps around the camp to protect against the imminent attack.

Hunters will then embark on their werewolf hunting mission almost physically shaking with fear in the knowledge that at some point in the night their fortified group position will be attacked by these beasts. The aim is to hold off the threat and secure the silver bullets to defeat the werewolves. The session will run through the night and end at approximately 2:00am. Military style accommodation with bunks is available where they can rest until the safe light of day.

The experience is available Saturday and Sunday. Further details of package add ons and booking information can be found on the website.

Adrian Simpson, Director at Chillisauce.co.uk said about the experience “Chillisauce pride themselves on being a fun, creative and an adventurous events agency and the overnight werewolf hunting experience embodies exactly that. This is the ultimate event for those looking for an adrenaline fuelled experience that really does live out your werewolf attack nightmares.

“Whether you’re looking for unusual stag do ideas or an activity for a group of friends, this definitely ticks that ‘something different’ box. After all nothing could be more life affirming than ‘taking out’ a werewolf with close friends, just make sure you get them before they get you!’

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