Aubin and Wills keep away the winter chills with Sophie Dahl rocking their stunning new autumn collection

Classically inspired, contemporary British fashion brand Aubin & Wills has unveiled its latest campaign star, author and model Sophie Dahl.

The quintessential British style icon features in the brand’s Autumn campaign, and follows past campaign stars including Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Carl Barat.

Sophie Dahl’s unique English rose credentials, combined with her individual, quirky style makes her the ultimate personification of British brand Aubin & Wills for this Autumn. Her creative ethos across her work as a model, journalist and as an author is also a perfect translation of the brand’s affection and support of culture and the arts.

Photographer and model Andre Van Noord also stars in the campaign. His classic, yet creative style makes him the perfect embodiment of Aubin & Wills this Autumn.

Aubin & Wills was launched by Jack Wills in September 2008 and has been considered as “Jack Wills'” Sister brand. The label is aimed at a more mature customer than Jack Wills, namely age 25 and up, who have recently graduated from higher education and are in full-time employment. Aubin & Wills’ slogan “Modern British design inspired by the past living in the present” fits greatly with their target market of 25-35 year old young successful individuals, bringing back the old generation of clothing to the era that it would had first been popular in.

The Birmingham Gazette love musing through the clothes at the Birmingham Selfridges store. The clothes are sleek and stunning to feel using some of the finest fabrics on Earth. From mourinho wools to classic tweeds the winter menswear collection is a feast for the eyes. By working with British factories and manufacturers – some of whom have been in operation for over two centuries, Fox Bothers est. 1772, Johnstons of Elgin est. 1797 for example – Aubin and Wills not only support British industry, but are refreshing its history; making history new so to speak.

It’s not just clothes that Aubin and Wills understand so well. It’s their customers. The soul of certain people, free spirited, music and fashion loving, homely – hearty and thinkers. The creatives of the day, each of us who look for something different can be happy when shopping with the brand.

To shop online visit their website or to check out their fabulous new video take a look below.