The enchanting story of Fossil

The heart and soul of the FOSSIL brand – its people, products and culture – is about a unique kind of inspired creativity. Representing the concept of accessible cool, Fossil’s identity is anchored in vintage authentic style mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humour that extends into all its product offerings, graphics and one-of-a-kind, trademark collectible tins. Fossil creates modern yet vintage products for everyone, a simple yet compelling idea reflected in the Company’s tagline, Long Live Vintage.™

Founded in 1984, Fossil was the first American brand to bring value and style to the watch category, transforming the concept of timekeeping from the merely functional to chic and stylish must-haves for the wrist. Since then, Fossil has always been in the avant-garde, whether in terms of technology, the choice of materials or design. In the early 1990’s, Fossil expanded its core business, launching a line of accessory products including handbags, belts, small leather goods and sunglasses under the FOSSIL and RELIC brands. In 2002 Fossil created a proprietary technology brand ABACUS®, targeted for distribution in the electronics channel.

Fossil’s in-house team of renowned designers constantly study and draw inspiration from emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring customers the most innovative and unique products worldwide while ensuring consistency with the Company’s existing product offerings and the themes and images that it associates with its products.


After 5 years of design and development, FOSSIL have introduced its signature print. The fabric consists of a jacquard weave which is intricately woven to create a raised pattern. Fossil use high-quality jacquards for some linings and fabric handbag exteriors.

Art Director, Betsy, has a passion for Mid-Century architecture, and was mesmerised by the symmetry and composition of a particular sun screen (a wall made of patterned concrete blocks) she spotted during her travels. This vintage element sparked the idea for Fossil’s signature pattern. The print was designed and reworked, incorporating the triple diamond design that appears in our logo until it reached its final illustration.
The finished result is a highly versatile signature pattern that we’re able to use in an endless number of ways. Depending on whether we emphasise the positive or negative space, we can create completely different looks.

For AW12 and forthcoming seasons, FOSSIL have produced signature print across key collections using finishing techniques such as embossing, laser cutting and embroidery to add a twist to this classic pattern.


As part of its celebration of their unique tin history, Fossil published a coffee-table book anthology showcasing hundreds of its most creative and unique tin designs from the past 17 years. The Fossil tin has delivered a fun, irreverent and vintage brand message to millions of consumers worldwide for over 17 years.

The iconic Fossil watch tins are nearly as popular as the watches they hold and are regularly collected and traded throughout the world at flea markets, antique shops, and on eBay. With one of the most celebrated graphic design teams in the world and hundreds of awards to their credit, Fossil continues to set the highest standard for creative excellence.

Enchanted by the timeless designs of the past, those classic pieces that so effortlessly meld creativity, function, and an impeccable sense of style, Fossil are destined to live on decade after decade, after decade.

Fossil are located on the ground floor in the Bullring, or you can shop online by visiting their website