Birmingham mums claim to be the most attentive parents in the UK

“The Difference A Minute Can Make.”

Lindam, the UK’s number one home safety brand* has revealed that around 40 per cent of mums in Birmingham believe that they able to keep a constant eye on their children in the home – noticeably higher than the national average of 29 per cent.

The survey completed by a total of 3,000 mums from around the UK has been run in conjunction with the first Lindam Safety Day to highlight the difference a minute can make when it comes to reducing childhood accidents. The survey revealed that an impressive 43 per cent of brummie mummies believe it is possible to keep a constant watch on their children despite the modern hectic lifestyle, far higher than average of just 25 per cent. However, many also admitted that despite their attempts to keep an eye on their children in the home, for the majority more pressing tasks such as cooking, cleaning and hanging the washing out can interfere, which is affecting the possible safety of their children.

One of the more concerning statistics revealed that 33 per cent of mums in Birmingham are not sure whether using safety products would help reduce the amount of accidents that take place at home. Lindam are passionate about home safety and the first Safety Day has been launched to educate these parents on the simple steps that can be taken such as moving a dangerous object out of reach to significantly reduce the number of childhood accidents in the UK.

Claire Rayner, spokeswoman for Lindam says ““Many accidents experienced by young children in the home come about because mum is understandably not able to keep a constant watch. She can’t be in several places at once and the results show that, it only take a minute for an accident to happen. It’s therefore about using safety products to make the home as accident-proof as possible and allow Mums at least some peace of mind. It’s so easy and quick to put in place some very simple safety equipment such as stair gates, corner cushions and cupboard locks to ensure that parents can rest a little easier knowing that their children are protected.

“We have launched our first Safety Day as we are committed to reducing childhood accidents in the home and we feel it’s these small but important steps that can go a long way to reducing the amount of childhood accidents in the home.”

A third of children have fallen off the sofa or tripped in the garden. One in five has been hurt falling down the stairs and just under a third have fallen off the bed. The report found that the most common time for an accident to occur was while mums were busy cooking the evening meal and that the living room, bedroom and garden were the most popular places for these accidents to occur. However, whilst mums are not able to keep a constant eye on their children they do their best and nearly half are present for accidents that their children experience. If they are distracted then it’s most likely to be whilst cooking, or dealing with older children misbehaving.




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