Lindam – the No.1 safety brand for parents in the UK

As the UK’s largest nursery brand, Lindam have a passion for making baby products that help new parents through the different stages of their child’s life, but more importantly to provide the best solutions to make feeding and looking after their baby as safe as possible.

After 20 years, this passion is stronger than ever and their commitment to improve gets stronger every day. Lindam, the UK’s number 1 in safety understand the importance of listening to their customers to ensure their products continue to get better and better.

Designed and developed through extensive research, manufactured using the safest and where necessary strongest materials and tested in the best laboratories around the world, the safety and quality of these products is second to none. Their commitment to design and product development has been acknowledged both within the industry and by parents with numerous awards for excellence.

When toddlers start to walk (and run) they suddenly become 100 times harder to keep a close eye on. If you are caught napping for even a split second, they will let you know about it. When your child reached this age, there are new considerations you need to take into account. They can suddenly wander where ever they like, they can reach things you probably wouldn’t have thought and they don’t know the dangers of an open wall socket.

The safety gate is an absolute must if you plan on toddler proofing your home. We all know the obvious dangers lurking on our stairs and so it’s important to address this danger in a thoughtful manner.

Preventing your child from climbing up, or falling down your stairs is all very well, but a lot people need more from their safety gate. Some parents need easy access through the gate (perhaps to get to the upstairs toilet), whilst other parents need a gate to fit in an awkward place (perhaps on a funny shaped banister).

A Lindam safety gate is about the best you can find if you want a combination of style, performance and affordability. As well as being a leader in the style stakes, they place great emphasis on the safety of their products and pride themselves on being the number 1 brand on baby safety equipment. Lindam recognise that it’s the little things that can make a difference and come up with innovative new ideas to make the life of a parent easier.

The versatile and stylish two way opening Lindam extending aluminium gate is designed to fit an opening from 62cm to 102cm without the need for extensions. Easy to install, the quick release fittings allow the gate to be removed and replaced quickly and easily to suit your lifestyle. Once installed, the gate opens to create a wide walk-through area.
Another hazardous activity that Lindam have cleverly made more enjoyable for babies and parents is taking on the art form of learning to walk. Where some children end up running into radiators, doors and ovens before they’ve really got settled on their feet, the Lindam Bounce About is as much fun for parents to watch as it is for children to use and ensure your baby stays safe and sound while exploring the experience of what it means to be on two feet, and have that independence when being upright. It has been designed to fit securely onto an internal door frame using a mechanism tested to 1 million bounces.

The Lindam Door Bouncer leaves both you and your little one giggling time and again. The supportive and comfortable saddle attaches to any strong interior door frame with a robust strap and frame that allows your tot to bounce to their heart’s content. It’s a great way to let your little one experience standing on their own two feet for the first time and is a great source of active fun. 

Getting your baby in and out of the Bouncer is a breeze thanks to the handy sliding mechanism and the padded seat is machine washable so you won’t have to worry about any bounce-related spillages.

Always be sure to fit your child securely into the saddle using the adjustable Velcro straps and back buckle. Your Lindam Bouncer must always be fastened to a strong door frame that can withstand your little one bouncing around. The bouncer is only suitable for children between 3 and 15 months who weigh up to 12kg (26lbs) and are able to hold their head up unaided. Never leave your baby unattended in their bouncer and it’s not recommended to let them bounce for longer than 30 minutes.

For more information on these or any of Lindam’s products, or to use their fantastic safety check website simply visit