Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle


castleThe Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle is a large fortress measuring 72 cm wide by 62cm tall. The castle features a rock fall trap at the entrance, a working lift in the tower, a trap door in the turret and a folding trap wall to evict the enemies from the castle grounds. There are two lockable cells and a breakthrough wall. The set comes complete with 3 knights dressed in armour, a king and queen and an evil knight with cannon. The set includes 2 horses, a full set of armoury for all the knights and lots of accessories. The Playmobil Falcon Knight’s Battering Ram comes with three Playmobil Falcon Knights including one on horseback. The front section of the battering ram can be clipped to the wall of the castles and the rear ladder helps enemies get over the external battlements.  Famous for its creative, educational toys that boost imaginative play, the Playmobil falcon knight’s multi firing crossbow is a great addition to the Knights range. The crossbow can be wheeled around to make it easier to access a clearer view of the enemy and can hold up to six missiles! Be part of the fun as one of the falcon knights riding around on horseback protecting your fellow knights from harm.

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