Samsung creates the ultimate baby monitor - the perfect present for Christmas

For dad’s who just love their gadgets, or those looking to buy a last minute Christmas present for new parents, Samsung’s new baby monitor the 3035 SecureView is a sure winner. The ability to watch your child through Skype, and the addition of SD recording make this an excellent way to keep track of those early days with your baby.

If you’re buying it as a present, you can rest assured that the Samsung SEW-3035 SecureView Digital Video Monitor gives an incredible degree of peace of mind and the clarity is second to none.

The sleek and stylish design comes in a polar gloss white finish with a 3.5” colour LCD video screen that provides crystal clear images of your child within a 100m range.

Also, the state of the art wireless tech inside the device reduces the interference to zero. There is a clever 2X digital zoom to make viewing up close easy, a glowing, soothing nighlight, a built-in room thermometer, an eco power-save mode, a two-way talkback function and the ability to connect up to four cameras!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to pick one up today, Samsung has pulled out all the stops. Not only can you watch your child there and then as they sleep, but you can also film them with an SD recording function.

If you’re a dad at work, and missing your newborn, why not configure the monitor with it’s easy to use Skype or MSN camera, meaning you can watch your baby in the corner of your computer screen while you work – surely that’s the best way to enjoy a lunch break.

You can even use the microphone button to speak to your baby from another room if they wake up crying. If they hear the sound of your voice sooner rather than later, it’s more likely that they will fall straight back to sleep, and you don’t even have to walk up the stairs.

You can even get family members who live abroad to enjoy the pleasure of watching their nephew, neice, or grandchild sleeping or playing – one of the best things about the digital age – we don’t even need to get on a plane any longer.

Samsung has, in many ways, created the ultimate monitor.

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