Brindley Place still has the Edge

For the last eleven years, Thai Edge in Brindley Place has capitalised on the areas clean lines and red brick spaces, creating a small Thai oasis in the heart of the cities financial district.

With classic through to contemporary dishes, Thai Edge has grown from strength to strength by getting to grips with its marketplace effortlessly. As one of the leading Thai restaurants in the country their award winning chefs treat us a memorable and unique culinary experience. 

With ingredients all completely fresh, and imported from Thailand, coupled with excellent and friendly service I was very pleased that our waitress was one of the friendliest people you could meet. 

Head chef Jeensanthai Mit (Taiman) has created the menu at Thai Edge which is a marriage of centuries old Oriental and European influences harmoniously combined with a unique taste, full of colour and vibrancy where the high of the fresh ingredients is never disguised. Thai cuisine is popular for its subtle blending of flavours, utilising herbs and roots such as lemon grass, basil, coriander, galangal, krachai, ginger, garlic and chillies.

Our waitress explains that dishes are not eaten in any particular order. The dishes should be as varied as possible-mild with spicy, grilled with soupy and fish accompanying meat. The rule of thumb is the more variety the better. Rice is the essential component of any meal, and because of the effort Thai farmers put into growing it, it is regarded with respect, not to be wasted – every last grain to be eaten.

I opt for a variety of dishes starting with TOM KAH PAK - Chicken soup with coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal and fresh chilli. This goes well with a rich peanut Satay Chicken and we have a selection from the seafood platter to start too. This includes a prawn roll, chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves, and a chargrilled King Prawn coupled with a classic selection of mild, hot and sweet sauces. 

My partner also tries a TORD MUN KHOA PHOD, a fried sweetcorn cake complete with plum sauce. If you're on the move, for example a quick work lunch and are keen to get in and out within 45 minutes or so, the best thing to do is to buy from the lunch menu, an express menu where the starter, rice and main come at the same time so you can speed up your dining time.

For our main I decide to try a pork dish, the MUSSAMAN CURRY a coconut and peanut flavoured dish that is both rich and creamy, and works perfectly with the Jasmine rice that comes with it.

There really is so much to choose from that you could come back every day for a month and still only sample half the menu.

Finally for desert we share a dish recommended by our waitress. KAOW NEOW MA MUANG is fresh mango with coconut flavoured sticky rice, coconut cream and mango ice cream. The rice is absolutely delightful, a real Thai traditional feast and mixed with the gorgeous mango ice cream and fresh fruit slices in perhaps the highlight of this Eastern feast.

Christmas at Thai Edge
Spend Christmas at Thai Edge and enjoy our sumptuous Thai cuisine which will inject an authentic taste of Thailand to your celebrations this festive period Thai Edge has plenty of dishes with the signature Thai spice in to warm you up this Christmas. With the lunch time menus starting at £22.95pp or the dinner at £29.95 pp, book your office party or family gathering to enjoy Chef Boi’s special chicken green curry and grilled king prawns.  

Please see our Christmas menu here: 
For more information or to book a table visit or call 0121 643 3993