There’s nothing as uplifting as listening to your favourite tracks at the right volume at the highest quality possible

The HD 380 Pros from Sennheiser certainly fit the bill. Built for professional use, these collapsible cans are packed with technology. Closed-back headphones do have their pros and cons though. On the plus side, there’s almost no noise leakage (ideal for DJs and music producers who don’t want to distract others while in the bedroom studio), but on the downside, enclosure vibration can have a negative impact on clarity and dynamics. Sennheiser’s Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.) channels the audio signal directly to your ear which is no mean feat. The driver actually aligns the driver with your ear, allowing the audio to be directed into the ear canal. This means that you can actually turn the volume down and have less fatigue as a result which is great for extended listening and long mix sessions.

Extended frequency response with increased sound pressure level (up to 110dB) gives incredibly accurate sound reproduction.

The Sennheiser HD 380 Pros really are the best of the best. Closed circumaural design produces a stunning passive attenuation of ambient noise, ideal for monitoring use. What could be better than keeping the music in and the noise out. They are lightweight, comfortable with a folding design which makes them the ideal travel companion too complete with a stylish carry case so you can just slip them into your laptop bag or record bag while out and about. Another cool feature is that they have a removable cable, so if you accidently get these caught up in some equipment, or a door. If this happens all you have to do is pick up a new cable – and you’re good to go.

The upshot of these tech specs is that these headphones like to be cranked up – they can really handle it – and because they are designed for the professional market, they deliver uncoloured sound, even at higher levels. The bass they deliver is beyond deep, the middle rangers are crisper than crisp and the high frequencies are exceptionally toned. We can see why these headphones are aimed at the professional market; they deliver a genuinely clear representation of the track you’re listening to, even at incredibly loud volumes.