The Adventures of Tin Tin - The Secret of the Unicorn by Ethan Beattie

The Birmingham Gazette caught up with 9 year old Ethan Beattie, following his epic evening out to watch Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn at the Midlands' largest giant cinema at Millennium Point. 

My Mom told me that I was going to the cinema to see Steven Spielberg's Tin Tin in 3D with my Dad's close friends when I got home from school. I was very excited as I'd seen some of the older Tin Tin films before and really liked them.

We entered Millenium Point through the main entrance and went up the escalators to the ticket office, which was quite busy but not packed. Most people were in the cinema already. Although we could buy snacks and drinks, I did notice that there wasn't a bar anymore though and I think my Dad would have been disappointed!

The building is a lot more interesting than most cinemas as there is a lot more going on as it's part of Millenium Point so it's more exciting for children to go to the IMAX than other cinemas such as the AMC. They could improve it by having some more entertainment (such as air hockey or arcade games) though. 

Being a 3D only cinema on a huge sceen, you don't keep the glasses which is a shame. These are collected from the entrance area (near the snack bar). The glasses had different coloured bands for children and adults but lenses were like sunglasses. We sat at the top in the back row in the middle facing the screen – these were definitely best seats in the house!

I was worried that the new film wouldn't be as good as the older cartoons, but I wasn't disappointed. The new story was better than most of the older Herge cartoons and the computer animation and 3D really brought the story to life.

Compared to Avatar, Tin Tin was a better story and had better special effects and the animation was just as good. The film was a fun adventure-mystery (mostly mystery!) and I really enjoyed it. I think it would be really nice if all parents take their kids to see it!