Searching for the best – fragrances for him and her AW11

As AW11 bursts on to the shop floors, and lines the cosmetics shelves with its delights, The Birmingham Gazette has been on a crusade to find the ultimate in his and hers fragrances for this fall.

Donatella Versace caught our imagination dedicating her Pour Homme masterpiece to “to a man with a strong personality who is not afraid to reveal his love of fashion, and who enjoys it as an expression of spontaneity and character”. The new fragrance, created from essential ingredients of Mediterranean origin is a classic yet surprisingly contemporary aroma that overwhelms the senses.

It possesses a vibrant blend of fougère (fern), in which bergamot mingles with geranium to evoke a suggestion of lightness which evolves through notes that achieve a harmony of warmth and strength.

The resulting impression is that Pour Homme successfully combines hot and sensual ingredients. Citrus from Diamante in Calabria, leaves and blossom of the bitter orange tree lit up the fragrance by accents of a Mediterranean nature.  The heart of Versace Pour Homme is defined by its almost tactile mineral-floral aroma of clary sage and blue hyacinth. A deep impression of incisive and seductive notes comes from cedar wood and agar wood. Amber and musk deliver deep and sensual base notes.

At the helm of Lancôme’s latest adventures is Trésor Midnight Rose. This delightful mix of pink pepper, rose absolute, raspberry, cassis bud, jasmine, peony, Virginia cedar, vanilla and musks is not dissimilar to a former Givenchy scent, Hot Couture.

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter), the new face for the brand fragrance brings an altogether younger crowd to a brand whose initial perfumes were introduced to the marketplace back in 1935. It was in Brussels in which the primary five from the fragrances were launched. Individual fragrances such as Tropiques, Bocages, Kypre, Tendre Nuit and Conquete helped create their reputation for quality. L’Oreal acknowledges that the perfumes were what made Lancome what it truly is today—a renowned brand name not just of perfumes but additionally of skincare and cosmetics items.

While the girls are staying at home watching X Factor this autumn the gents seem to be out learning new skills – learning to climb, taking a class in break-dancingwe've heard some of them are even taking the plunge with a charity sky dive. At the same time their firm favourite Fuel for Life – Denim collection is never too far behind. Fuel For Life DENIM COLLECTION has reinvented the concept of Fuel For Life by giving the scent a wardrobe all of its own. Time for fragrance to get dressed! Fresh and sexy it fits like a perfect pair of jeans. The base notes recall the unique Fuel for Life signature: woody and citrus. An energetic youth potion with the freshness of aromatic citrus, plus a one-two punch of lavender and dry wood for a modern touch.
Diesel has also been busy crafting a brand new fragrance for women – Loverdose.  With its iconic bottle showcasing a pure heart of precious glass with ever-shifting pink-amethyst highlights and an etching of a black dagger piercing through, Loverdose can be stood up in three unique positions.

It allegedly possesses molecules that stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for attraction and lust. The very composition is floral–spicy, opening with star anise and mandarin. Sambac jasmine, licorice and gardenia petals form the core of the composition, placed on an oriental base of amber, vanilla and woody notes.

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By far the most exciting announcement this year has been Dior’s exploration into the top of the tree. Christian Dior’s J’adore is by far is AW11s finest accomplishment. The origins of a dress lie in a few lines sketched on a sheet of paper: a draft, or design, the toile that will become couture. The first draft of a perfume is also written, assessed and worked on, revealing its various facets. Step by step, the same procedure is used to compose two worlds with myriad, corresponding pathways. Based on an outline, an Haute Couture dress and its designs are sketched; an Haute Parfumerie scent and its variations are composed.

J’adore is writing a new chapter with its Eau de Toilette, sketching the paradox of lightness combined with a very marked scent. To the splendid richness of the Eau de Parfum bouquet comes the response of the Eau de Toilette, without the slightest apprehension, celebrating the flowers’ petals.

For the J’adore Eau de Toilette, François Demachy, Dior’s Perfumer-Creator, imagined a new delight inspired by memories of Granville (Christian Dior’s family home). By capturing the era of a fragrance in the notes dear to Monsieur Dior, François Demachy has revealed a world of softness and equilibrium wherein flower essences correspond perfectly.

Fresh citrus notes are the most present in the top note, with emphasis on the delicate yellow mandarin (a perfect balance between the young and acidic green and the sweet flavoured, very ripe red mandarins), providing radiance and sparkle. At the heart note, the J’adore signature is recognisable by its bouquet, which rediscovers the perfume’s flowers in a reworking of their petals. Damascus Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Sambac and Tunisian Orange Blossom make up this delicate, rather than opulent, bouquet. Woody with a hint of vanilla, the base note allows the Eau de Toilette to maintain its beautiful scent.

The flower is treated in an extraordinarily delicate manner. Precious essences, obtained through a unique distillation process respecting Dior Haute Parfumerie expertise, majestically reveal themselves in a luminous, light and delicate fashion so dear to François Demachy.

A halo of light surrounds this flower, synonymous with tradition and timelessness. The Orange blossom blooms and shines, is radiant and enchanting, never leaving you indifferent.

Favoured by the princess of Nerola who gave her name to the essence of Neroli, the Orange Blossom is a trump card combined with a day-to-day delicacy, freshness and elegance. It slips onto the skin like a pair of kid gloves, symbolising extreme sophistication.

Evocative of a childhood filled with sweetness on the Granville veranda, Orange Blossom is Monsieur Dior’s perfumed Ariadne’s thread; an Eau Fraîche which he wore in the Couture Workshops, personifying the blossoming of a princess, queen or future flower-woman. Each moment of his life was marked by this initiatory fragrance, the freshness of which was filled with happiness and childhood memories.

Hand picked during their brief blossoming (2 to 4 weeks per year), these white flowers symbolising purity and softness are harvested in sunny Cap Bon, Tunisia, where the micro-climate imparts their very unique quality.

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