Gourmet breakfast in a box - delivered to your front door!

Whether you have just woken up and are in need of a delicious breakfast without the hassle of making it yourself, or you're still up from the night before and in need of a little soul food, Urban Breakfast is Birmingham's answer to a high quality breakfast service delivered straight to your front door.

With their simple drop down navigation menu we decided to give Urban Breakfast a try. You can choose from a small to an extra large English with as little or as many extras as you can handle; the list of possibilities is endless.

Ronnie & Becci, the masterminds behind the concept said, "We’ve all been there, lying in bed, barely able to move, nursing a sore head, or fighting over who’s going to get out of bed to make breakfast. Urban Breakfast is a great way to start your weekend. If you live within 2 miles of Birmingham City Centre it really couldn't be easier to order a mouth watering breakfast right to your door, all at an affordable price. You can order and pay online, so you don’t even have to talk to anyone or leave the comfort of your home"

The Birmingham Gazette's verdict:
Freshly baked hand-cut bread – toasted or to toast yourself - a great concept. The box and design....a thrill. Sausages cooked to perfection with crisp outsides and delicious juicy pork in the middle. Three perfect rashers of light and tasty smoked bacon and a well executed poached egg, just the way we like it. Well portioned beans and mushrooms, all washed down with cold fresh apple juice. Our only regret....simple - not trying one of the Urban Breakfast's signature smoothies.

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Gourmet Breakfast in a box…Genius!