Hustle your way to property success - By Paul Ribbons

With “Hustle Your Way To Property Success” (£9.99 Ecademy Press), Paul will show you how to develop your skills so you can find properties at below market value, negotiate directly or via agents and understand what the industry doesn't want you to know. This book can show you how to buy properties so you can make instant profit or keep for investment earning money from day one.
“I meet so many people who tell me they want to be involved in property investment, but never do anything about it,” says Paul. “The biggest challenge most investors come across is themselves – they must learn to get over their initial fears and I can offer them a helping hand with my extensive knowledge of the industry.”
Paul has written “Hustle Your Way To Property Success” to help an investor obtain their hopes, dreams and aspirations in the industry. With over 25 years’ property business experience, he knows what does and more importantly, what does not work.
“Because of the number of deals I have done and the dealings I have had with investors, I believe I’m best placed to share these experiences in order to help other like-minded people,” he says. “My book lets you peek into a world of property experiences in a very unique way of hustle and jostling.
“Having been involved in hundreds of successful deals I use anecdotes, experiences and examples, so you can benefit from the years of my experience. I have developed systems and procedures that you can use in your property business and my people skills show you how to hustle your way to successful deals too.”

A trained NLP Practitioner, Paul believes the lessons he’s learned in life have moulded his business ethic.
“I’m dyslexic and proud of it because that’s the sort of determination that is required for success,” he says. “People don’t realise you can make money out of flipping a property without doing anything to it. When I tell them about my strategy – they are literally gobsmacked.”

About Paul Ribbons
Author of Hustle Your Way to Property Success

Born in Plaistow, East London, Paul Ribbon’s remarkable journey started in E17. Educated at an inner London school and having undiagnosed dyslexia, Paul struggled at school and eventually left without completing any of his exams.
After leaving education, Paul worked in the baking industry and was always dreaming of a lifestyle he knew he could and one day would attain. When he reached the age of 23, Paul realised he had lived longer than his mother.  This comprehension had a profound effect on him and consequently, he made a decision never to accept mediocrity and to live everyday as if it was his last. Having already been able to buy a property at this stage in his life, Paul took a gamble that was to change his direction and has shaped his life beyond his dreams.He managed to “hustle” his way into Estate agency in 1986.
Here, Paul was in his element and flourished, and has spent 10 of his 25 years’ experience in property sales and development with agencies, eventually working his way up to Manager.
Due to the pressures of divorce and the big dream of ‘freedom’, Paul became frustrated at the restrictions of working for other people and made the decision to go it alone. In 1996, he set up his property acquisitions business building portfolios for experienced investors as well as turning properties for instant profit.
“Since starting up I have been involved in over 500 below market value (BMV) transactions,” says Paul.  “My experience is legendary in my area and enables me to run a property coaching and mentoring business for novice and seasoned investors alike focusing on my acquisition techniques and tactics.”
Paul’s no nonsense style has been well received at Simon Zutshi’s Property Investor Network (PIN) sessions, and he’s in great demand for seminars. He explains just how to find properties that are profitable via the open market to hundreds of clients.  The basis of his teachings?  Understand People.
Paul’s philosophy still shines through:
“Nothing is beyond any human being; you just have to want bad enough and remember you’re in the people business and never forget it.”
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