Dynamic duo set off to a flying start

Every few years events such as the recession threaten to halt any new business ventures; traders panic and all over the country, businesses fail.

Not so for one of the UK’s dynamic enterprises who have managed an impressive turnover in their first year and are set to double that in year two.

Birmingham’s own Alvin Williston-Davis and Alan Beattie have an outstanding track record working for FTSE 500 organisations and are inciting opportunities for other businesses throughout the UK.

Incite is their brain child, spearheaded by a shared aspiration to put their combined 25 years experience in demand and lead generation to work, the partners have transformed the directions of a number of organisations in recent years. Bringing real opportunities to their clients the duo are the masters of creating unique sales opportunities and providing lucrative return on investment.

So what is the secret to their success? The Birmingham Gazette caught up with director Alvin Williston-Davis who revealed all. It’s clear that business success has a lot to do with the solid foundations of their friendship. “We met at college and over the last 14 years or so have always worked together in one form or another. While we both have significant sales and marketing experience (gained both in other agencies and working client side), Alan is focused on campaign execution, marketing process automation and monitoring, while I’m more of a creative, trying to shape the vision and values of the business, and drive sales opportunities forward. Combined, our skill set enables Incite to deliver our clients, as one of them describes them, ‘business opportunities that close,’ outperforming both in house lead development teams as well as their incumbent agencies.”

Incite is pioneering a very new kind of demand generation. They don’t do traditional telesales; each opportunity and lead has detailed information that can help their clients achieve their performance targets in far less time than simply using in house sales and marketing teams. Their approach is subtle and non intrusive, pitched at the highest level possible so from the top down every lead they deliver to their clients seems to have the Midas touch.

Incite focus primarily on the technology sector but as they gain a national reputation as leaders in their field more and more diverse clients sign up to their philosophy.

“It’s a win-win situation for our clients” says Alvin. “Once we’ve demonstrated our understanding of their solutions and their relevance to their market, how effectively we can integrate with their own processes, if appropriate guide them to making improvements, and deliver opportunities of exceptional quality as part of a pilot campaign. Clients often sign up for quarterly, semi-annual or annual contracts because we have gained their trust.

With the worst of the financial crisis over, it seems that Incite is one agency that will be putting Birmingham on the map as the city to drive your business forward and create real impact.

To get in touch with incite email: [email protected]