Take the stress out of DIY mess with Kärcher

Tommy Walsh recommends the DIY multi-purpose vac or as he likes to call it the ‘Man-Vac’ so that you can keep mess to a minimum and get on with the job at hand. Tommy comments: “As anyone partial to a spot of DIY will know, after you’ve been hard at work a mess is inevitable. That’s why Kärcher’s range of DIY multi-purpose vacs is a must have for every DIYer – not only can you clean as you go but their many other functions also add more enjoyment to your work!”

Kärcher’s range of DIY multi-purpose vacs feature robust motors designed to outperform ordinary vacs and pick up not only heavy duty mess such as rubble and wood shavings, but also liquids and spills. The high-suction machines are even able to unblock sinks!

Key product functions:

The power tool triggered auto-start is designed to synchronise the vac so you can clean as you go with a power tool. This provides virtually dust free working environments for heavy DIY jobs such as sanding floorboards and doors or sawing worktops.

The blower function is designed to dislodge and remove dirt from awkward areas, such as behind radiators or car interiors.

Mark Penrose, Sales and Marketing Director of the Home and Garden Division at Kärcher UK says: ‘Kärcher’s multi-purpose vacs are the perfect companion for any DIYer and are an essential tool for any DIY scenario and we’re thrilled to have Tommy’s expert approval. Our vacs make the tiresome clean-up task easy. The power tool triggered auto-start is a fantastic feature, removing debris as you sand and saw, so making it easier to concentrate on the job in hand rather than choking on the dust.’

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