Benjamin's Bespoke Shirt Makers and Tailors

It's been quite a year or two for Birmingham's Benjamin Vaughan. On the day of Obama's inauguration in 2009, Benjamin took the bold move to launch his tailoring business at the height of recession.

"I'd just come back from travelling the world and managing a tailors in Manchester run by the Great Frank Rostron" Benjamin recalled. "I'd been living life in the fast lane and launching a business was, believe it or not, my way of slowing down a little, getting grounded and there was no better place to do it than in Kings Heath. Of course, there were people who questioned why I wasn't refurbishing a flagship outlet in town, or renting a cupboard in Selfridges, but personally, I don't think that says exclusive. York Road was Benjamin's first boutique located in Kings Heath's quaint backstreets with a buzzing atmosphere and other delights including the legendary Hare and Hounds pub.

From Collette Timothy's gorgeous Chatterbox boutique to Mr Khan's A-Z carpets who have been part of the furniture in the area for nearly three decades, the road has heritage, style and community spirit. It also had better rates than the city. I wanted somewhere a bit more hard to find, where my customers could get away from the husstle and bustle of their fast paced lives working in banks, law firms, sales floors and escape on a small journey where they had time to create something truly special.

"At Benjamin's we create stunning pieces, from the full 3 piece suit with matching hanky to my personal favourite, the classic tailor made shirt. I have a passion for fabrics and have spent years collecting swatches and rolls of the some of the finest, brightest coloured, luxuriously textured cloths on the planet.
As you walk in to the shop, you will see a few example creations, from a fully suited and booted master model, to a display of 20 collar styles or a rich blend of light to dark lilacs and purples. I sit in this area and greet customers or work on orders. At the far end of this section is an area where you can browse from thousands of fabric swatches and photographs of customer creations.

At Benjamin's, our aim is to create products that reflect a customer's individual style or personality. We take you on a journey of self discovery and everyone has a different experience. Through the velvet curtain, you are taken in to the tailor's fitting suite. This could be likened to a 1950s tailors lounge with a contemporary twist. Here you can have an informal suit or shirt fitting where up to 30 unique measurements can be taken. Everything at Benjamin's is tailored to your exact measurements and many customers say that once they've worn a Benjamin's they never go back to wearing off the peg again. That's because every shirt, suit jacket or product that you have made at Benjamin's fits perfectly."
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