If like me you’ve got a complicated combination skin, you’ll know that the right moisturiser is vital. Not only that, you need to ensure that you use it at the right time, mainly, within a few seconds of that clean, towel dry face. Why? Well the secret to oil free, acne free skin isn’t just about the product you use, but it’s largely about understanding how your skin works. Your skin has many layers, and as soon as moisture touches your skin, it hydrates it, but immediately afterwards it dries out.

SUNDÃRI Neem and Avocado Balancing Moisturizer for Normal/Combination Skin offers a combination of superior natural botanicals and moisture-regulation technology that provides targeted moisture for drier areas and sebum absorption for oilier areas.

We found that in just a few short weeks, we had a huge boost to skin hydration levels. It was pretty remarkable how quickly the cream eliminated any rough patches, which wasn’t surprising considering how many skincare professionals worldwide rate SUNDÃRI for their superior quality products.

I also noticed the benefits of not needing to worry about greasiness half way through the day. Even in the hot weather it’s been a hugely beneficial skin replenishment treatment.

It does this by controlling any excess oil, while seeking out and hydrating those drier areas. The balancing moisturizer contains complex proteins, rich in Amino Acids and Glutamine Acids to regulate skin exfoliation.

Don’t stress about the ingredients either, completely paraben free and absolutely no sythetic fragrances or dyes you really get the feeling that SUNDÃRI cares about the wellbeing of its customers and wants to provide the best results time and time again.

The perfect partner for this inspired moisturiser is the SUNDÃRI Neem and Burdock Cream-Gel Cleanser. We got some quite magic results with this product as it quickly worked its way through the range of imperfections and coupled with the moisturizer led to some excellent results. The gel cleanses the skin to remove any excess oil but the emollient action works well to provide much needed rehydration. The neem extract has a naturally high sulfur content which is a key building block for collagen. Finally the burdock root extract soothes the skin and the myrrh oil helps to control acne causing bacteria. These are win win skin care products for anyone with normal or combination skin this summer. For more information and to purchase the products visit:

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