Review: SoundPEATS True Wireless Headphones

earphones 2One of the best innovations to come after the walkman was the arrival of in-ear headphones. Comfort, simplicity and free reign to do as a you wish whilst listening to your favourite beats, or Bach. But fast-forward two decades and the arrival of ultra light travel has arrived with the birth of wireless in-ear earphones. 

This week we’re looking at SoundPEATS True Wireless Headphones. Setting us all free from long cords so you can enjoy the freedom that a completely wireless headset brings is something to behold. 

The best part about training at the gym without headphones was that the wires didn’t get tangled up in your equipment whilst lifting heavy weights, or get trapped in an elliptical cross trainer. However, the worst part is that you have to endure the “suits all tastes” playlists constantly on repeat.  They are also sweat proof.

Not so with SoundPEATS True Wireless Headphones. Their innovative design shapes perfectly to your ears and your bluetooth connection lets your play the music on your phone, tablet or computer to your hearts content. You can turn the volume up or down using the headphones on ear controls, or even change the track you’re listening to. And that bluetooth is 4.2 – incredibly fast and has a great range. Even if you lock your phone in the gym locker, you’d still be able to listen for quite some distance.

Starting up was a breeze. The right and left earpiece can both work separately as a single headset (Mono Mode), or used together as a pair of stereo headphones (Stereo Mode). Simply power one up and pair it with your devices, then power on the other. You’ll get a real sense of anticipation as the devices then connect automatically. 

SoundThe sound quality is crystal clear and the maximum volume is well judged.  

The design of the headphones is unique and there seem to be very few of the same quality at an affordable price. 

To charge them you simply plug them into your computer usb port whilst it’s on. They hold their charge well and we got through a good two hundred tracks over 6 hours before needing to recharge. 

With the secure fit earhook, the buds won’t fall out of your ear and you won’t miss that all important phone call as the True Wireless headphones also double up with their hands-free calling and built-in microphone.

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