Lumea 2

Bleaching, waxing and even shaving are all at-home depilation methods used to get rid of unwanted facial hair, but women can now say farewell to these temporary solutions, with the launch of the Philips Lumea Precision. Lumea Precision has joined the Philips Lumea family and it is a one-stop, long term hair removal system suitable for the face and the body, which leaves skin wonderfully smooth. Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that has been used in professional salon settings for 15 years, women can now enjoy smooth skin every day with a hair removal technique that is discrete, easy and long lasting.

Many IPL devices are designed to be used on the body only, because facial skin is so much more delicate than the skin on the body and skin damage can occur if a strong light pulse is used on sensitive skin. So, for the Lumea Precision, Philips has specially developed a dual filter facial attachment to offer new levels of safety and prevent skin reactions. The facial attachment has a smaller window and stronger light filter so sensitive areas can be treated with care.

Beautifully smooth skin is now as simple as the push of the button on your Lumea Precision, which applies gentle pulses of light to the unwanted hair to produce heat that is transferred to the hair follicle. The follicle is then stimulated into a resting phase and as a consequence the hair sheds naturally and regrowth is inhibited. After an initial treatment of the target area, repeating the process every 4-6 weeks will keep skin wonderfully smooth and hair free.

Jennie Flatt, Philips Skincare Marketing Manager says ‘With 32% of women removing the hair from their upper lip1, we saw there was a genuine need for an at-home, IPL product that was suitable for use on the face. At Philips, we take the safety of our consumers very seriously, which is why we have spent considerable time developing a facial attachment for Lumea Precision that is expressly designed for sensitive skin and has been backed by clinical testing.’

The cordless design is incredibly easy to use, especially as the Lumea Precision is 30% faster than the original Lumea model and also has an increased battery life. It includes the same adjustable light settings, to ensure gentle but effective treatment across a wide variety of skin tones and hair colours. An integrated UV filter and advanced safety controls provide maximum protection for skin.

The Philips Lumea range includes the original model, Lumea, a second generation Lumea with faster flash speed and longer battery life and the new Lumea Precision with facial attachment.

With Philips Lumea Precision, smooth skin everyday is now safely and easily achievable at home, and women can wave goodbye to expensive salon IPL treatments or other, temporary solutions such as shaving and waxing.


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