Netflix Original Bloodline: Season 2 New characters announcement

Evangeline Radosevich (Andrea Riseborough)Blowing in like a hurricane off the coast, Danny was the living embodiment of the family’s wounds…..once he returned the Rayburn family could never be the same again. At the beginning of Season 2, Danny’s siblings are still reeling from that unspeakable act of violence when a second hurricane hits…….and this time it’s bringing three new characters to the Florida Keys.
Who are they? What do they know? You’ll have to watch to find out. Here’s some tantalizing information on each newcomer:
Ozzy Delveccio (John Leguizamo): A charming, violent, opportunistic wild card from Danny Rayburn’s past.  In the wake of Danny’s murder, Ozzy arrives in the Florida Keys with mysterious motives and threatens to wreak havoc in the lives of the Rayburns
Evangeline Radosevich (Andrea Riseborough): Street-wise, and unpredictable, Evangeline is a woman from Danny Rayburn’s past who has some unfinished business with the Rayburn Family
Ozzy Delveccio (John Leguizamo)Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague): The son of Danny Rayburn.  In the aftermath of his father’s murder, Nolan mysteriously arrives in the Keys with knowledge of his father’s life that could undo the Rayburn family
Bloodline, the unmissable thriller from the creators of Damages returns to the scene of the crime for a second season this May. The critically acclaimed cast are reunited in the Florida Keys for the next thrilling instalment of this must-see series. All 10 episodes of Season 2 will launch only on the world’s leading Internet TV network on Friday, May 27th and they will be available in 4K. Welcome to the family… still have time to re-watch or catch up season 1 currently streaming on Netflix:
Season 2 begins with the Rayburn family struggling to conceal theirunthinkable crime. Mysterious strangers from Danny’s past arrive with a dangerous agenda. Law enforcement is closing in on the truth behind Danny’s murder. And the tight-knit family’s once harmonious relationship is poisoned by paranoia and mistrust as it slowly begins to unravel. Lies mount. Alliances are betrayed. Relationship are destroyed. With their backs against the wall, good people may have to do some very bad things…
Created and executive produced by the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominated writers/executive producers Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Glenn Kessler, Bloodline Season 2 stars Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights”), Ben Mendelsohn (“The Dark Knight Rises”), Sissy Spacek (“Carrie”), Linda Cardellini (“Mad Men”), Norbert Leo Butz (“Dan in Real Life”), John Leguizamo (“Kick-Ass 2”), Andrea Riseborough (“Birdman”), Jamie McShane (“Sons of Anarchy”), Jacinda Barrett (“Suits”), Enrique Murciano (“Without a Trace”) and Owen Teague (“Wild in Blue”). The series also includes Chloe Sevigny (“Big Love”), Steven Pasquale (“Rescue Me”) and Katie Finneran (“The Michael J Fox Show”).
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