Mitsubishi Shogun

Shogun (2)Starting from just £29,450 on the road the Shogun range has decades of heritage behind its innovative engineering and stunning lines. Our vehicle was a rich fairway green with an enjoyable and effortless 5-speed automatic transmission providing smooth gear changes and enhanced fuel economy during motorway driving. The electronic control is a marvel to witness as it adapts to your driving style. The Sports Mode facility offers clutches manual gear shifting for instant response.

When you first climb in to the Shogun you can’t help but notice the detail on the stainless steel footsteps. The luxurious interior is inviting and immediately we’re drawn to the fully electric seats with excellent lumbar control, and full adjustability.

With perhaps the biggest 4-cylinder engine of all production cars, the Shogun has a perky, double overhead camshaft, with an engine to die for. This is no less than a 16-valve, turbocharged and intercooled, 3.2 litre, direct injection diesel. There is a steady mass of low-down torque but never running out of power as it gets up in to the mid-range.

For green fingered enthusiasts this is one of the quietest, most economical and cleanest 4X4 on the market. Superb performance brings you a welcome boost of power and torque which results in an increase in the towing capacity and 0-62mph stats which leave the competition standing.

As you drive the Shogun across scree or rocky ground around the countryside trails and hilly terrain, when the Shogun’s sensor detect unstable movement, such as lateral slippage, the Stability Control function kicks in automatically to control the brakes and engine output to stabilise the car.

Similarly, if the wheel slips when starting on wet or slick surfaces, such as a snow-covered road, the Traction Control function brakes and governs engine output to enable a smoother start.

ShogunIt was an incredible drive testing out the different Super Select system and its four drive modes. 2H with its quieter running and better fuel consumption during normal on-road driving was what we stuck to throughout most of the test but the other modes provide stability and control depending on the surface, from icy slippery conditions, to extreme off-road conditions.

One of the most exhilerating aspects of the shogun is the driving position. Comfortably set apart from the road by the height of the seats you truly have a birds eye view driving through the lanes and towns. A fully retractable electric sunroof gives you all the fresh air you need along your countryside drives and vistas for passengers to explore who are seated in the back.

Other features are also sure to thrill, including the front electric and heated seats, the auto light and rain sensors add that touch of magic to a falling night, or a rainy drive. From DAB radio to SD sat nav and Bluetooth hands-free kit the Shogun boasts an exceptional full list of extras, even a 7″ touch screen display with reverse parking camera.

The Shogun is an altogether incredible 4X4 that couples as well as a family car as it does a serious workhorse destined for great journey across any terrain.

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