Halloween scare night preparing to unleash new attractions

Dia de Los Muertos Screamfest-17-041

Dia de Los Muertos Screamfest-17-041Are you brave enough to spend the ultimate fright night – Friday 13th – lost in The Festival of the Dead or escaping the gruesome underworld Demonica?

A Midlands farm is preparing to unleash a frightful underworld as it brings its latest wave of fright night attractions to life this October – including two new events for 2017 – with the attraction set to shock on the infamous Friday 13th.

More than 120 demons, zombies, clowns, witches and vampires and an array of eye watering entertainers will make up the five Screamfest attractions at the National Forest Adventure Farm, in Tatenhill, Burton on Trent.

With the owners picking up ideas from Transworld – America’s largest scare convention – the horror fanatics are sure this year’s event will provide a blood curdling night of interactive scare with guests invited to brave the date known for its connections to the underworld and bad luck.

Talented actors from across the midlands as well as students from Staffordshire and Derbyshire are also being trained for the ultimate in Halloween fright nights.

Ivor Robinson, director at the National Adventure Farm and personal horror fanatic, said: “Our aim is always to bring something a bit special to the area. Every detail is carefully planned to provide the ultimate in entertainment and this year promises to be no different.

“Since we started the attraction seven years ago it has grown in popularity year on year and we are excited to offer two new attractions for this season.”

Each year the family run farm, which started the event due to the owner’s passion for horror, spend nine months researching and producing the theatrical style sets which make up each of the interactive scare attractions.

With their own resident performance scare expert, Rosie Redvers-Jones -the only trainer in the country with a Masters in Performance specialising in scare techniques – providing training to the 120 students and actors which will take over the farm every detail is meticulously being planned to provide the ultimate experience.

This year visitors are being invited to escape the underworld in the brand new Demonica attraction as well as fight through an outdoor maize maze like no other to join the Festival of the Dead in a carnival with a frightening twist.

Other attractions include Freakout the scariest circus in town where the clowns will have you screaming with laughter, Soul Seekers where you are invited to join the SoulSeekers TV crew to investigate blood curling happenings at the abandoned Helton Grand Hotel and Love Hurts where you risk love tearing you apart at a speed dating night.

Not for the faint hearted the night time attraction, which starts at 7pm on selected dates through October, is designed for ages 12 and over with youngsters under 14 needing to be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets are already selling fast with the attraction available for 14 nights between the 11th and 31st October. More information is available at

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